Bronze Hulk/Banner on ebay!

Who has the extra cash for this one right now?  I am pretty sure this is one of the first things I would purchase after I win the lottery.  Or maybe I should just sell everything else I have and then bid on this… I don’t think I would regret it!  Click on the image for the auction!


8 responses to “Bronze Hulk/Banner on ebay!

  1. OMGGGGG! i so wont this, think i might sell a kidney for it 😀

  2. I suddenly feel like Charlie Brown after Lucy moved the football.


    That’s one Hulk collectable above all others.


  3. The redhulk has ruined my interest in marvel. They should have made this character a different version of the real Hulk. No this should not have been done at all. Screw marvel. Dumb ass ideas that have ABSOLUTELY RUINED Characters that I grew up reading about. F U Marve!!!!. NO REDHULK!!!! NO NEW THORS> GOD>>>> I HATE MARVEL. DIE QUESADA. YOU SUCK.

  4. Uh…loganblue…what does that have anything to do with this Bronze Hulk?

  5. Very nice collectible. Bronze Hulk would be cool…

  6. Dave (JadeGiant)

    there is another one on eBay right now for only $6k … but it is not of of the ones that came with the Banner bust.

  7. I am sorry…I don’t see the appeal of this. Sure its a cool statue….but not the end all best.

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