The Incredible Hulk #461 Pg 18 – Overlay (1998)

Hulk vs Maestro!

Here is another interesting piece of art – it comes from the issue where the Hulk faces off against the Destroyer – and who inhabits the Destroyer?  That would be the one and only – the Maestro!  David Brewer penciled this issue – but I don’t have the whole page – just the patch .  If you remember, I have another page where the artist had to patch a different image on the bottom of the page, of course, with that page I have both the original page AND the overlay – Here I have just the patch – which is still cool in itself – and cost me practically nothing!  I can’t help but think I have had artists do less than this for almost four times the amount on a commission!  Anyways, you can never go wrong with Hulk vs Maestro!

The whole page

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