Robbi Rodriguez Planet Hulk Commission (2011)

PH vs SS

This commission, that was done over the summer this year, was somewhat of a controversial piece.  First off – I really liked a lot of the art I’ve seen from this artist – so I was excited to get a vs. piece from him.  What I wanted was a PH vs Silver Savage match up from him – but, as you can see, PH is facing the “viewer” but we only see the back of Silver Savage.  Can this really be considered a two-character piece when we only see the front of one of the characters?  I have a Jeff Wamester Hulk vs Thor commission that pretty much has the same issue – but it’s so brilliantly done I have no complaints – this time around… it’s a different story.  As much as I like the overall piece it certainly doesn’t have that dynamic feel to it.

Comb-Over Ape Hulk!

Secondly, when the art was finished Robbi had forgotten about the obedience disc.  I asked to have it added – and it was – except it was done with a totally different pen.  While the rest of the art is done in what looks like India Ink, the obedience disc was added with what looks like a simple black Bic pen.  This distressed me the most – in person it’s very noticeable – and the artist was mostly dismissive about my concern.

If you look close you can see the difference

But like I said, the piece as a whole is a fun interpretation of PH – yes, he’s a bit simian looking but that doesn’t bother me – and I love the way he’s standing over SS in a stance that shows just how powerful he is.  It’s too bad some artists take shortcuts like the way Robbi did here because it puts a stigma on the commission.  One where every time you look at it, it reminds you of the issues you had.  Artists have to remember that we are the ones paying for art from them – yes, it’s a supplemental income for artists – but that doesn’t make it okay to put any less effort toward a piece.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have done this if it was to appear as a cover or poster.  Just because it’s a private piece for a collector doesn’t make it any less important over all.

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One thought on “Robbi Rodriguez Planet Hulk Commission (2011)

  1. I hear you on commissions! Some artists go 100% and others go over the top, then there are those that make comb over ape hulks. I paid a very well known artist over $600 2 years ago for a commission and I’ve got nothing but broken and empty promises. He supposedly delivers and is known for being extremely late, but it should be worth it if he ever delivers. But, you take the good with the bad and try not to piss off the artist, otherwise you might end up with, I don’t know…an ape Hulk!

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