12 thoughts on “Avengers Hulk – Full Body!

  1. I’ll have to see what the transfer is like to CGI, but if it’s like this, it’s the best yet. Looks like they took the best parts of both Hulks to make this.

  2. I concur with Robesmarlin statements, but I’m NOT crazy about the color of Hulk’s pants (the color contrast is off). The purple or blue jean color would have been better not this tan color nonsense. I just hope they show Hulk in this film at his strongest yet. I wanna see mile high jumps and 70 ton tank being thrown a mile away like strength. Oh and Ratch don’t forget to review the Hulk in the Avengers movie.

    1. Yeah, I’ve heard that the Hulk fights the entire team or individual members – something along those lines. If there’s ANY WAY Hulk has a chance of winning against Thor they gotta make him at LEAST two times as powerful as he was in TIH. I mean, they made Thor REALLY powerful in his movie.

    2. I agree. The way they had Hulk jumping around like a monkey was lame in the last movie. He should be jumping to space. Thor should be flying into space too. I do say that the visual aspect of the Hulk in the last film was very cool, especially the eyes. Hopefully he’ll have some lines instead of roaring all the time. There has to be some sort of clash between Hulk and Thor.

  3. Yes this is what I would like to see more of on this site……..hulk news. For being about hulk I don’t think there has been anything on here about the avengers movie….not nortons quitting, ruffalo getting the job, the trailer…..I know your a busy man though and I do enjoy all the random hulk items you collect. Guess I’m just bitter hulk doesn’t have a news website all to himself like most heroes. Hulkspace was nice back in the day.

  4. I really do like it a lot. Here are my picky Hulk fan comments: His pants are the wrong color. His pants are too short (mid-calf rips, please). His calves are larger than his quads. I wish his hair was longer on the sides (and in the front–like it was in the 2008 Ed Norton movie–it looks more wild and savage when it’s long enough to flail around). I’m glad he doesn’t look like Ruffalo–he looks like the Hulk–as he should. I’m loving the pink gums (instead of green gums), too. Yeah–I’m a dorkatron. I would love to see the wildest feats of strength, yet, in The Avengers!

  5. Ah don’t give Ratchet a hard time. The site is called Ratchet’s Hulk Collection… not 24/7 Hulk News…

    Keep on pimping Ratchet! 🙂

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