Incredible Hulk #3 (2011) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #3 - thank good ness no variants this time around!

Incredible Hulk #3 – I can’t be the only one who is totally underwhelmed and aggravated with this re-launch.  I know a handful of you guys out there are saying that Aaron can be trusted and has a plan to explain everything – but I just can’t see the genius behind this terribly written relaunch which, quite frankly, is moving at a snail’s pace!  Did we really need two issues to have Hulk decide to help take Banner down?

Hulk was in the Matrix?!?!?!?

The art is still pretty blah – but this being the Silvestri’s last issue I am hoping Portacio will improve on the look of the book.  At least it may give us something to look forward to when buying the book.  Does anyone else think that Silvestri made a HUGE mistake taking on this re-launch? His stock as a power artist may be in question after this.  Not only has his reception been luke-warm with this series – but an attempt to sell the cover for 5K was unresponsive.

Uhhh.. Hulk - you've got something on your face

We do get a few clues as to what is going on in this issue – but a lot of things are still up in the air – we see a hairless Hulk and Banner after what seems like a surgery.  Gary Miller – of this blog here – thinks that we have been following characters who are not Hulk or Banner.  That’s the most interesting theory I’ve heard.  Not sure if that’s the case – but wow, if that IS the case – Gary gets major props for calling it!  By the way – no variants on this issue. Grade: F

9 responses to “Incredible Hulk #3 (2011) – The Review

  1. Awww… I quite like this story and the art too – I agree Banner is out of character and that needs some explanation, but I quite like the Dr. Moreau idea, and this is, for me, a positive move after the long reign of Red Hulk which put me off reading for many months.

  2. Best Hulk story in years, Gary M. Is too much infatuated with Greg Pak, his opinion cant be taken seriously for this new Hulk direction.Even if banner turns totally evil, his character would still be redeemable in the long term ( no character isnt in comics).This time Hulk got all the advantage of the separation process…And Banner is left with all the rage and Madness.

    This story is awesome…the mystery, the inside monologue of Hulk, the Mad Squad… Everything is great except maybe for Silvestri’s inconsistencies in the art department.

    Jason Aaron rocks this story.

  3. I am glad you guys are enjoying the story – for me it is really lacking – but who knows? Aaron could turn this all around. We will have to see.

  4. Ya ratchet, this is now turning to a weird storyline for me, and like Shai said, inconsistent. I now am for Banner winning. After Loeb, Faction and now this ……Is it that easy to be a comic book writer.

    • Although the coloring is interesting. Brown hair and eyes might be a clue of what is true about the seperation, I would hope.

  5. TheStrongestOne

    I’m with you Ratchet. I wouldn’t grade it an F but a D+ sounds appropriate. I know there’s a lot of Loeb haters out there but Fall of the Hulks / World War Hulks was even much more fun than this…

  6. A new shadowy organization for the sake of having a new shadowy organization. Turning Banner into a raving loon for the sake of turning him into a raving loon. Inconsistent art. Conceptually, I get what Jason Aaron is trying to do, really I do. I just disagree with it on a fundamental level–for me it’s like when Marvel turned Tony Stark into “Iron Fascist” during “Civil War.” While there’s something to be said for the lack of sacred cows, I’ve never felt this particular stone needed overturning.

    Shai: Pretty funny that you mention my Pak-ish preoccupation, as Aaron has cited the very same comments I did in my review of #3–specifically, Incredible Hulk #603–as his own basis for the current storyline. (If anything, I have a preoccupation with Mantlo–the first Hulk writer I read–and since Pak did heavily favor Mantlo’s stories in his run, it stands to reason I enjoyed his work, too.)

    Truth is, any writer coming in after such a long-tenured one as Pak had his work cut out for him.

    So, um, how about the Red Hulks going at it this week? Parker’s got it going on…


  7. I am not over the moon about this direction, but not hating on it just yet. The art sucks though and I hate that scratchy inconsistent mess.
    However, we’ve been served so much worse over the years. Who remembers Joe Casey picking up the pieces from Peter David? That was as F for sure. Bruce Jones? I still have a hard time getting through those issues, because they also were an F. Byrne with the no ears, plane crashing Hulk? Barf with a captial F.
    This Aaron stuff has to play out before I make a final call on it, but it is intriguing, those boar guys are cool, Hulk fights monsters and sharks which is great, and ultimately Hulk vs Banner had to go somewhere different and somewhere new.

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