Hulk #47 (2012) – The Review

Hulk #47

Joey Q came up with a very interesting idea.  Ross, who hates and has hunted the Hulk his whole life, becomes the Hulk himself.  Brilliant!  The execution needed to be handled by someone who knew and cared about the history, respected the character and writes for the love of telling a classic, fantastic story – not for gimmicks.  Unfortunately, they got Jeph Loeb to do it.  The whole brilliant side of what could have been was replaced with one of the worst written pieces of crap storylines introducing the world to a character whose “fan boys” (or at least a great majority of them) would abandon as soon as a better writer came along to add some depth to him.

That is the unfortunate history of Parker’s luck with the Red Hulk.  Parker wasn’t interested in making Red beat up the Silver Surfer (which he had no business doing in the first place) instead he brought the character down to Earth, less powerful and… the only misstep that I see – a hero.  I like the idea that Red was a villain.  With the Abomination gone (for now) Hulk needs a villain that can match his power.

But I digress, still, even with my reservations, this is one of the best written comics in the Marvel line-up today.  This issue sees his daughter, Betty, coming back for a heart to heart – only to be squashed by Betty’s other self.  Meanwhile Zero/One comes back into the fray only this time it’s Red who’s attacking her/it.  I like the idea of a Hulk smashing big monsters – and that’s where this issue leaves us – with the promise of a fantastic beat down with oversized aquatic creatures!  I can’t wait for issue #48.

Grade: B+


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