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The Absorbing Man (2011)

Absorbing Man

I finally scored one – this surprised me – how hard it was to track this figure down.  I was able to get the variant at my LCS and it is a good thing I did because I never even saw the variant on the shelves of Target and TRU in my town.  But true to form after I found the regular at another LCS, and paid a premium, not even two days later I saw these figures at my local TRU.  That’s okay, I was more than happy just to finally bring this figure home.

A great sculpt!

I am even more excited because we now have the whole transformation of the Absorbing Man – we had the half transformation Absorbing Man that came in the 2-pack with Dr. Doom before.  Now all that there is left to do is to try to track down multiples so I can open them up!

Both versions