The Absorbing Man (2011)

Absorbing Man

I finally scored one – this surprised me – how hard it was to track this figure down.  I was able to get the variant at my LCS and it is a good thing I did because I never even saw the variant on the shelves of Target and TRU in my town.  But true to form after I found the regular at another LCS, and paid a premium, not even two days later I saw these figures at my local TRU.  That’s okay, I was more than happy just to finally bring this figure home.

A great sculpt!

I am even more excited because we now have the whole transformation of the Absorbing Man – we had the half transformation Absorbing Man that came in the 2-pack with Dr. Doom before.  Now all that there is left to do is to try to track down multiples so I can open them up!

Both versions

2 responses to “The Absorbing Man (2011)

  1. Hi Ratch-I picked these up also at my LCS (ZAPP Comics) and I really haven’t seen them at Target/Wal-mart-so I’m glad I got them when I did.I really hated this line when they first came out- I only wanted to collect 6-inch figures,but this line grew on me -I’m liking it,and I started collecting all of them -Really looking forward to the HULK figure coming out(wave 2 for 2012)-anyway I think that CREEL looks great-didn’t pick-up the two pack with Doom yet-but I may. An ABOMINATION figure in this line would really make me happy.Gotta ask you if you picked up the Bowen “retro-Hulk” mini-bust? If you did, I’ll wait for your review on it before I make my comments on it-but I’ll say it’s not one of Bowen’s best pieces (in my opinion)-Take care-Mike

    • Hey Mike – I agree about an Abomination MU figure – this line needs to focus a little more on making some of the classic villains rather than ANOTHER spiderman or Iron Man figure! As for the new Bowen bust – I was not a fan. I thought it was decent enough – but not enough for me to pick it up. I will wait until the prices dip on ebay – which I am sure they will because the piece is pretty sub-par.

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