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Hulk Heroclix Sets (2012)

Fast Forces Hulk Heroclix

These sets just came out – and as you know I am NOT into Heroclix – but damn, if these sets aren’t just like crack for Hulk lovers!  I only bought the large 6 pack and then a long box that comes with 5 – but even with those two purchases I now have most of the Hulk universe!  With the 6-pack you receive not only the Hulk – but Thunderbolt Ross, Betty, the Abomination, the Leader and a Hulk buster.  Here’s a shot of the Hulk:

Hulk Heroclix

And with Banner:

Two sides of a coin!

In the other 5-pack I was lucky enough to snag a Rick Jones, Grey Hulk, Punisher (waitaminute!  WHAT?), Lyra and a Bruce Banner!  So I was pretty happy.  Now I can act out all those romantic scenes from the movies – and even create a few of my own from the “uncut” version of the film that’s in my head.  I mean – WHAT?  Who does that?

Rick Jones and Fixit!

Anyways, I have seen that the sets also include some characters from Planet Hulk – which is cool – some AIM soldiers (bleh) – some Hulked Out Heroes (BLEH!) but I’ve also seen a whole set of Hulks – like House of M Hulk, Cosmic Hulk, Red, War Hulk and more!  While I most likely will not be picking any of these others up – it’s certainly cool that these were made!

Closer shot of the 6 pack.