Marvel Universe 2-Pack Coming!

2-pack coming!

Yes, I think both of these figures have already been released – but the Wolverine looks slightly different – either way – this 2-pack is heading our way in 2012!  Keep an eye out for it!


6 responses to “Marvel Universe 2-Pack Coming!

  1. Ratchet that looks like a new Hulk head to me too. It’s not the Avengers one, the original one, the Secret Wars one, or the Green King one.
    I missed getting that wolverine, so I am all over this.
    Thanks for posting

  2. I will be picking this up along with Avengers Hulk assorted figs.

  3. Absolutely loving your site ratchet ! Have been trawling through all the hulk releated goodness 🙂

  4. i heard a rumor from my local comic dealer that Hasbro has cancelled this line???surely that cant be true.personally i don’t believe it,but he showed me his stock list for March 2012 and these where classed as “cancelled” apparently by the manufacturer.
    i hope Hasbro don’t sacrifice the Universe line for Marvel Legend’s.i started to sell off my legend’s to collect Universe figures.i think the Universe figures are just as good as the larger scale figures and in some cases,they are even better than the legend’s version’s.
    if anyone can shed some light on this so called “cancellation” and the future of Marvel Universe,i would really appreciate it.Thank’s.

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