Hulk Mug (2011)


Hulk Mug

One of the perks about Disney buying Marvel – Disney stores now carry Marvel merchandise!  And yes, a lot of the figures they carry are seen everywhere else – but they also have a few exclusive pieces.  The Disney store near me only had this – but it’s a start – I know there are a few other little Hulk items that other Hulk fans have gotten.  I will have to make a trip back soon.


The only thing is – the Disney Store is nowhere near me!  But that’s alright – I travel all over for work – I just have a new pit-stop to add in during my jaunts.  This Mug looks like an animated version – almost like the Avengers cartoon Hulk.  It’s pretty great but nothing beats the Applause mug from ’97 (remember this one?)

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14 thoughts on “Hulk Mug (2011)

  1. Hi there,

    You mind if I take/use your banner? The one with the bee above and the one of the Grey Hulk before? I will finish my website eventually and I like to collect a few pics for it.

    Mr. Green

  2. Funny I picked up at a Disney store cool Marvel heros miniatures with Hulk, Doc Strange, Cage, Ironfist, Ms Marvel and Spider-woman, but no Hulk head mug. I’m surprised that they didn’t have the movie Avengers heros in miniature. Looks like I have to try again for the mug.

  3. I think Im with you a Ratch on the current relaunch. I like it LESS than Loeb’s run. I have no idea what the hell is going and Banner gets crazier with each passing issue. Can’t really say im surprised because I wasn’t pleased with Jason Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider either.

  4. Totally want that mug.

    MrMordrid, how can you like it less than Loeb’s run? He’s responsible for the whole Rulk story line… I just read Incredible Hulk #4 and it’s pretty darn good.

    1. #4 was good? Wow, do we have different veiws of “good” because my review, which will be posted later today, is anything but good

  5. Let’s just put it this way. I like it less the Bruce Jones run and Loeb’s run combined! Everybody is totally out of character. Banner is acting more like Carnage’s host Cletus Kassady than Banner. The guy is acting like a drooling lunatic! He keeps mentioning that he is tumor the size of a melon in his head but, is able to function normally. The whole mad scientist assassin team seems to be shoe horned in and just shows up long enough so we don’t forget that they are there.

  6. Hey Ratch-went to the Disney store and picked up this mug-I like it…and HULK#465-thanks for the heads-up on the Disney store Marvel Figurine Playset-I picked that up too-the Hulk looks really good-nice detail -his hair could have been a bit longer on the sides-all of the figures in this set look really good.Ryan-finally picked-up INC.HULK #4-WOW just awful I’m not going to repeat what everyone said but this issue was just BAD-art was uneven and the dialogue was worse–I’m not gonna jump ship-just yet-hopefully things will get better around the release of the AVENGERS movie!

  7. picked up the mini figures set but missed on this – will have to go back and see if they have the mug! This is definitely from the Avengers series – awesome!

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