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The Incredible Hulk #4 (2012) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #4

And here I thought we were going to get something to look forward to… does that statement let you know where this review is going?  Let’s get started.

Story: Aaron is heading somewhere – I am sure of it – will it be a fantastic reveal?  Maybe – but most of the fun of a story is the journey it takes you on – and so far this journey is a mess.  Aaron has seemed to reverse the roles – Hulk is the more peaceful, reasonable one and Banner is the monster.  It’s not a terribly original idea – nor is it an interesting one.  Aaron might have his ultimate goal in mind – and like I said – it may be fantastic, but thus far it’s been pretty terrible.  Way back when, in the classic days, Hulk was an anomaly.  An “accident” that could not be re-produced.  Three years ago, with the collective minds of the Leader and MODOK they figured out how to make another Hulk.  Since then, Hulk is no longer special, there are Hulks of another color, Hulk Jr.’s, Warthog Hulks, Shark Hulks, Bat Hulks, Deadpool Hulks, Captain America Hulks and more… it’s getting quite ridiculous.  I was hoping with a new writer on board he might be interested in cleaning up the mess that others created before him – much like Parker is doing with Red, but sadly, that does not seem to be the case.

I think I had a badly drawn nightmare like this once...

Art: Silvestri (and the other 10 artists) are off the book – Portacio is in.  That may sound good – until, of course, you SEE it.  Portacio’s consistency seems to change not just from page to page – but from panel to panel!  Any action scene is full of awkwardly posed characters fighting off awkward looking creatures.  Banner has a maniacal Joker’s smile that’s both creepy and unsettling.  Hulk has an ever growing and shrinking brow.  I thought getting Portacio on the book was going to bring a little something to look forward to on the book – boy was I wrong!

Is the Hulk mad? Screaming? Scared? Constipated? I really can't tell...

Variants: None to speak of.  Funny, with a change like this, a new artist, you’d think Marvel would be throwing another rare “sketch” variant at us.  I am relieved to see that they did not.  I’d like to think they learned a lesson – but that’s just silly.  I think the real reason is that this relaunch is not the blockbuster (in sales) that they were hoping for.

Overall: This is another issue to skip.  Until things start more reflecting a Hulk book (like Parker’s Red Hulk book does) you might as well leave these issues sitting on the shelves.  Pick up Red instead (I can’t believe I just wrote that!) or dip into your long boxes and pull out a classic Trimpe issue to get this unfortunate nonsense off your palate.  Grade: F

DC gave the Joker rights to Marvel!?!?! This is HUGE!