Finally – a Whole DEFENDERS Set!

Dr. Strange

I know I will start to hear the debates on here – I can already hear some of you chiming in – but the REAL Defenders set can now be displayed thanks to the MU addition of Dr. Strange being released.

Namor - "Panties" Version

To me, it’s Namor, Hulk and Strange – and you can throw Surfer in there too if that’s your thing – I can take or leave the Surfer as a team member – but I also wouldn’t toss him out if someone added him in there.  Now, I know they released a “fully clothed” Namor – but the better version just came out a bit ago.

Silver Surfer

So yeah, like I said, get these – add them into your collection and display them proudly as a CLASSIC Defenders lover.

P.S. – I know they released a translucent variant for Strange – and no – I didn’t get it.  I just wanted these guys for a Defenders display – not a completest of Non-Hulk figures.  I mean, sometimes I will pick up a variant, sure – but in this case… oh lord, I am already bored of my blathering…

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11 thoughts on “Finally – a Whole DEFENDERS Set!

  1. Im interested Rachet – why no Surfer? He’s one of my favourite characters I must admit though I prefer him as a guest character as Ive never found his books interesting – Im imagine he must be a difficult character to write. I would love to see a decent writer get hold of him. If Swamp Thing can have decent stories written about him, it must be possible for Surfer too. Maybe its due to the lack of a decent villans for him – its the arch-enemies that make the super hero after all. Anyway Ive always been quite fond of the Hulk – Surfer relationship.
    (your post have certainly provoked a few responses from me these last few weeks – Im not usually a big commenter!)

    1. I actually love the Surfer – but he is so powerful it makes Defenders stories almost impossible to write with him as a member. And Surfer has one of the BEST villains in the entire MU – Thanos!

  2. Sliver Surfer belongs in the Defenders as a founding member for me since Sub-Mariner #34, 35. I also prefer Namor be in the hydro-suit as to the speedo’s cuz his strength does’nt decrease as fast. My dream would be to see the above mention figures with Valkirye and Nighthawk in a boxed classic edition. For a modern version I would add ironfist n Red She-Hulk.

    1. I would LOVE a boxed set of the Defenders! I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing the Surfer in there – but let’s be honest – Surfer was not there in the first few issues of the Defenders – nor was he there in Marvel Features Presents! Just sayin…

  3. Actually Sliver Surfer was in the 1st Defenders comic in Marvel Feature#1. Under Namor’s advisement he tried to get the remainder of Titans Three and Doc Strange contacted SS first but the invis/Galactus barrier made SS unable to join. Just saying…….and on another note in that same ish Doc wanted Thor but could’nt reach him so he got Hulk. For me the first ish of the Defenders is Sub-Mariner#34, 35 cuz it was offically more than 2 members teaming up (even though they called themsleves the Titans Three).

  4. still miss some figuries…don’t forget Valyie sword girl Hulk alway called her….and Hawk man….Hulk called him bird nosed man…oh and cat girl too and other woman with red suit I can’t remember name but she alway throw round plate like thing…these was 1970’s defenders members. and some other SuperHeroes that joined Defenders for short time…why not add them too? just suggests

  5. Ratchet what Hulk fig is that?

    He looks like the same mold as the Secret Wars one, but the painting’s different on the pants and his skin looks more olive-ish.

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