Amazing Heroes #198 (1992)

Amazing Heroes #198

This mag from the 90’s was actually quite interesting to go through again – Keown talks about how he was looking forward to inking his stuff and that Marvel was going to give him that chance in TIH #400 – an issue he never came to draw.  He jumped ship to Image to create PITT – a book that lasted, what? 20 issues over 10 years or something like that?  How many people are still waiting for PITT to return?  I remember reading an interview with McFarlane saying that they started to limit the number of books they were producing and WHO produced them – mainly because they did not want another “Keown” situation to happen.  He’s infamous!  That means he’s MORE than famous!

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20 thoughts on “Amazing Heroes #198 (1992)

  1. Rachet are you trying to provoke me to comment on every post this month!?! A post about my favourite ever Hulk artist (Jeff Purves being my second strangely enough – heart ruling my head there I think). Any chance you could post the whole Keown interview as Id love to read it. Fingers crossed.

      1. I actually love Purves too – Purves had a inconsistent style – but when he was on – he was great!!

    1. I love Dale Keown’s work. He and Ed McGuinness are my favorite Hulk artists. His work in “The End” is legendary! Pagulayan, Art Adams, Patrick Zircher are slowly climbing up my favorite list too…

  2. I was wondering…I know you have plenty of pics of your individual things in your collection but is there any of the hole hulk room(s)? And how many comic books do you have? Or if you don’t know that answer how many boxes full of them?

    1. I will post pics of the entire room – maybe next week – and comics… not as many as you’d think – I have 6 long boxes and about a dozen half boxes.

    1. I’d take another round of the two powerhouses! I didn’t really continue reading PITT – did anyone on here read it? Is PITT just super strong or does he have any other powers?

      1. Pitt is like a Hulk/ Wolverine combo…….. Someone please kill red hulk. loeb and mcguinness SUCK!

      2. LOL Logan, you’re too much. Off topic or on, you’re like a guy with turrets syndrome. Red Hulk! Loeb! They Suck! Mcguinness! He Sucks! Sucks! Sucks! LOL 😀

        Since Issue #26 the Red Hulk has been Jeff Parker’s book, and he’s been writing one heck of a book. And after all the recognition & acclaim Parker’s Hulk got from CBM, IGN, iFanboy etc…. he definitely does not suck. 😉


      3. Agreed – the Red Hulk book has been the better Hulk book for a while now… it’s too bad they are wasting all the great Hulk stories on the wrong Hulk…

      4. I don’t think these great stories can be so easily applied to Banner Hulk. The arrogance of starting a little war after the death of a fellow soldier, the irony of Ross’ understudy General Fortean chasing the Red Hulk for killing Ross… and Ross trying to convince Fortean not to be like him… to consume himself and waste his life hunting a Hulk… it’s an empty road. Etc. Etc.

        As a big fan, I do hope The Incredible Hulk series improves. I did hear Silvestri is returning as artist.

      5. They could apply SOME of that to the real Hulk – but you’re right, the reason why Parker’s writing is so good on Red is because he takes into account that Ross is Red and applies his personality to the character. Something Loeb did very poorly.

    2. Look AJ…I don’t think I have made it apparent yet…..but Red Hulk SUCKS. And Loeb and McGuinness can suck my dead Grandma’s balls. If I ever met them, I would punch them in the face over and over again. DIE RED HULK! I would write a story of me killing red hulk for Hulks sake. Again RED HULK SUCKS

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