The Hulk Room Pics

Bowen Mania!

Last week I was asked about showing pics of the entire Hulk room.  I said I would – and here it is – in all its glory!  Now a few things to keep in mind while you scroll through these beauties:

The couch has been taken over by green!

#1) There is no order in the Hulk room… I mean, there is SOME sort of order – but it’s MY order.  I like chaos – I thrive in chaos.  The Hulk room also seconds as my office so a lot of times, when I purchase something new, I usually find a place for it short-term and then get back to it when I can.  Many times these items will just be stuck up on the wall or put on a shelf until I get to it later.

The Action Figure Wall... pretty much every Hulk figure is on this one wall!

This is mainly for two reasons – the first being that back in the day I used to get stuff so fast and furious I would not have the opportunity to really think about where to put a piece before more boxes and comics came rolling in.  That’s not really the case so much anymore – and that’s because, the second reason, I am planning a HUGE renovation on the Hulk room.  I have an enormous display case in the works – I am knocking down a wall and expanding, just slightly, the whole room.

Shelf #1 - with the "Planet Hulk Shelf" at the top!

Also, since I had an addition on the side of my house built – and the addition was designed with a crawl space in mind – and the only place to put the entrance was to cut a hole in the wall/concrete foundation of my house – the only real space it would fit was… yup, you guessed it – right in the middle of the Hulk room wall.  I have left out pics showing the crawl space entrance mainly because it is an eyesore – but also because it’s nothing but a big square hole in a wall.  Part of the renovations I am planning is to build a small wall with closet doors to hide said hole.

Display Case #1 - this hold most of the Bowen and Mego goodness!

Now #2) You may notice there are some items in the pics of things that I have not posted – please don’t ask me to post them – I will get to it as soon as I can.  There are also items that I have posted that you do not see – there are a few reasons for that.  The first is that about a third (maybe more) of the collection is in storage.  Things that have no real rhyme or reason to put somewhere – for example, the Hulk backpacks, toothbrushes, coloring books and more.

I still have to get the green version of this Bowen Hulk statue

This is where I handle most of my work load every day:

Desk - MU across the top - and a recreation of #181 Bowen Style there too!

Next, there are certain items that are no longer in my collection.  The first thing that comes to mind is the Hulk PF.  While it was extremely hard to let that piece go I couldn’t just watch as a piece like that was climbing and climbing in value and not take advantage of it (especially when I had a few repairs to do to my house).  I could have saved and made the repairs – OR – sell one statue that could never survive the current value it was at.  I chose the latter.  I have no regrets – and am pretty certain that further down the line I will be able to pick it up again when the value has dropped.  I mean, come on – it’s inevitable that these collectibles will drop… anyone who thinks otherwise – I have just three words for you: Beanie Babies anyone?

It just keeps going...

There are a few pieces I have let go – like the Grey Hulk Hard Hero statue.  I wasn’t really a fan so I had no problem selling it – and with the funds I was able to purchase more Hulk items that I wanted.  I’ve sold some comics – mostly doubles – as well as some art.  Lastly, there is something Hulk in EVERY room of my house.  When I say every – I mean EVERY.  I put at least ONE Hulk thing in each room.  So, there are some action figures in the kitchen, pictures in the hallway… the Hulk is ever-present.  But never more so than in my bedroom where the Dynamic Forces Life Size Hulk Head sits.  Also, my entire comic collection sits right outside of the Hulk room door – and my Marvel Masterpieces and Omnibus collection is snuggly placed in the bookshelf in my living room.

Rogues Gallery

And #3 – You may notice that not everything in the Hulk room is… well, Hulk.  I do have the Galactus Bust from BD, as well as the Surfer and my 2nd favorite Marvel character, Thanos!  While it would be nice to think that I could just limit myself to Hulk – I do love me some classic Thanos!

I have another re-paint of somehting in shipping... hopefully will be here soon

Top of that cabinet:

Original Hulk Fists! The Best!

So, tell me what you think of the Hulk room – do you have a similar set-up?  Let me know!  And please, ask any questions you would like to know (except asking me WHEN I will be posting stuff) including how my wife feels about it – if you’re curious.

Thanks again Gammapup!

By the way, my daughter IS allowed in the room under strict supervision. 🙂 Just until she is old enough to understand that she can’t open or play with any of Daddy’s toys.  Not to worry though – she has plenty of her own Hulk toys to play with – as you guys saw when I posted a pic of her last week with her Hulks in a baby carriage.

Green and Grey... gotta love it!

And of course – the best shot:

My prized possesion - The Incredible Hulk #1 - the only thing I am pretty damn sure won't plummet in value in my lifetime.




20 responses to “The Hulk Room Pics

  1. As I read this and look at the images – I’m left awestruck. @_@ I HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL MYSELF A FAN IN TERMS OF POSSESSIONS! *MAYBE* KNOWLEDGE, BUT *NOT* POSSESSIONS.

  2. Awesome collection. I decided to scale down my Hulk stuff, until I get rich have more room. Until then I will live vicariously through posts like this. 😀

    • Link does not work.

      • I see . Ok easy way to do it put in keown hulk in you tube first vid 🙂

      • Sorry 3rd vid

      • The Keown Hulk statue… well, I have had MANY conversations on this one. Here are my thoughts – and remember – it’s only my opinion – but personally, I hate this kit. I not only hate this kit but I really hate the Keown drawing it’s inspired from. The Hulk’s face looks so bad – it ruins everything else that could even be considered great about the drawing – as in the body. The face looks terrible. It does not translate to 3D very well at all. I am not big into getting kits and other unlicensed pieces – most of them are outrageously priced – I do have a few – but I have seen this one quite a few times and I have seen quite a few different paint ups on it – some are fantastic – some are not – but even the fantastic ones can not help the face to it.

        I have passed on a lot of the SS pieces because they don’t capture the Hulk the right way – and that’s exactly what I would do with this piece even if it were licensed – I would pass on it because I think it’s a laughable version of the Hulk.

  3. Holy s**t there’s only one word to describe your hulk room, and you guessed it…’INCREDIBLE’

  4. Just WOW! You know I have a Hulk room also but you got me beat by 20% in terms of collection. Honestly I don’t think I will ever have more than you….just saying… Both our rooms are gonna start to get busy with all this new Avengers movie Hulk stuff……yikes.

  5. Equally chaotic and incredible Ratch!

  6. As a single guy with his own hulk room(although not nearly as great as this one) I would like to know what your wife thinks about your hulk love.And did you have a big collection when you first met? Also if you don’t mind me asking what you do for a living that you can afford all this great stuff? Finally do you have any non comic book related hobbies? I personally collect King Kong and horror movie stuff as well. Plus I have a pretty huge collection of dvds and videogames.

    • Uber – let’s see – my wife is totally cool with my collection. She is literally my perfect woman. When we first moved in together and we had a small apartment she wasn’t as thrilled as most of the collection was all over the place – but now that we have a house and a whole lot more room she is more than happy to let me have a room to myself. I have a way bigger collection now than I did when I met her.

      I own my own business – I am a children’s entertainer – but not the kind who dresses up or puts make up on… in other words – I am not a clown. I tell stories to kids.

      I do love the Hulk – but I am also a huge movie fanatic – I have a DVD collection that masses into the hundreds. Nothing makes me happier than watching a movie on a day off from telling stories to kiddos.

  7. Glad you answered the wife question – Ive always wanted to know the answer to that one! (does the long suffering lady have a collection herself?) Love the room, just brilliant, thanks for sharing.
    Two comments:
    1. Its also your office? How do you ever get any work done?
    2. Youre going to knock a wall down to expand? Now thats dedication to the cause!
    Big thanks for posting the Keown interview, Ill post a comment when Ive got a free moment to read it.

    • It is my office – I mostly work outside of my house – just need to do a little billing and such – which is accomplished in due time 🙂

      And yes, knocking down a wall to expand is the plan. Sadly, it will probably get me MAYBE another 5 – 6 feet – but it’s totally worth it!

  8. Love the collection!

  9. So when you giving tours Ratchet? The Hulk Museum? By appointment only?

    Is that an Avengers #1 I see? Awesome! Needs a Fin Fang Foom Statue in there and a kotobukiya Ed McGuinness Red Hulk to go with your Hulk!

    Where do you store all that original comic art? None of that is framed? Just the commissions?

    Thanks for sharing bro!

    • Most of the original art is in art portfolios – as well as about 80% of the commissions. I had an opportunity to but the Red Hulk statue for a very generous 50% off – and I still didn’t bite. Just not interested in the character enough to pick it up. Red is displayed in the Hulk room – I have the BAF and the Marvel Select.

      I am planning on getting my Buscema page framed – as well as a Trimpe page… when I finally get one!

  10. OMG! OMG! I never see anything like that! you had way more Hulk collection than me! wow…don’t worry I am no longer Hulk fan now I still checking on your site I am just so curious to read updates. Yeah be careful with Alex you don’t want toddler to ruin anything pricely! I like some Vintage Hulk collection from 1970’s they are cool. But I didn’t see any shirts, posters and bed blanket did you have any? I used to own these years ago.

  11. Room looks empty without the Hulk Comiquette 😉

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