My Mini-Haul – from last week

The answer to yesterdays no prize! Congrats BB!

Last week I was to be on the Cape for a show – at a Library I had never been to – and across the street was a used book store.  Taped to the window was a Wolverine comic – I can’t even tell you what number – so I went in and asked if he had any other comics.

He had a small box – so I picked up these:

FF, Thor, and Avengers!

There are a few Absorbing Man appearances and a U-Foes – but what I was most surprised to see was that the Grey Hulk was throughout the entire FF #330!  I have yet to read it so I can’t tell you what it’s about – but it does include this bad-ass moment where Hulk hands the Beetle a brutal asphalt sandwich.

How does the dirt taste?


3 responses to “My Mini-Haul – from last week

  1. When you’re done reading Fantastic Four 330 you can check out the interesting story behind Englehart’s F.F. run here :

  2. Totally off Topic but not sure where to put it, someone commissioned a Statue of the Hulk on the Can. It’s pretty epic

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