Marvel Legends Returns! Constrictor (2012)

ML are back! But at a price...

You can say I am lucky – you can say I have a real knack for finding newly released figures – either way I was more than ecstatic to find the new line of ML at a local TRU today!  No one was more surprised than me to see the pegs filled with these figures!  Thor looks real good – so does Cap – but the only figure in this series I was interested in was The Constrictor!  The last time we had some new ML figures were the 2-packs back in 2010 and we were given a re-painted Hulk figure and an awesome Valkyrie… but we now have a whole line of very impressive figures!


The Positive: Constrictor is a Hulk villain – his first appearance was in TIH #212 – but the bad guy has really taken Marvel by storm!  In fact, they have already made a MU figure (he was the runner up in a fan’s choice) but it doesn’t even compare to this new 6″ figure!  I must tell you – I liked the plastic shell that the other ML came in – but I prefer carded figures.  It looks like Ed McGuiness has done the art work for the whole series and the image on the back is pretty bad ass.

Also, I really want to find another so I can open it up because I would love to see if the tentacle things are bendy like they are on the Bowen bust.  Now, the paint up on this figure is great – his teeth make him look like the Constrictor is infatuated with Twilight – but overall an impressive looking figure.

I shimmer in the sun too!

The Negative: Yes, you’ve heard right, it was not a rumor – the new series is a whopping $17.99 – for one figure.  When we last saw ML figures sold separately it was the mega-popular Hulk line – and the price was $14.99.  Hasbro said it was because the figures in the line were a whole lot bulkier than a regular ML series.  So what is the reason for the bump this time?  Well, corporate greed comes to mind… and let’s face the facts – they are charging us $8.99 for a very popular line that is half as big.  So – of course they are going to charge us double!  I only thank goodness that I only wanted the Constrictor in the this series.

Are you a bull rider? I can totally see your belt buckle under your costume

It still comes with a piece for a BAF (this time Terrax) but I miss the days of the bonus reprint comic.  Now, I have heard complaints about the midsection where you can see that they have re-used a piece that once held a belt.  They have painted right over it – so it’s hardly noticeable – but it is there.

Back of the Package

Conclusion: I love the look of the package – the look of the figures – pretty much EVERYTHING ABOUT THE LINE… except the price.  The price brings this down a whole lot so I will give it to you this way – Grade: A / Grade factoring in price: C

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