Retro Green Hulk Bust (2011)

Retro Hulk Bust

Yes, I finally got it.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to so early – I thought I would be waiting a year for the prices on these to drown – but I was able to talk an ebay seller, who was selling the busts he had at an already ridiculously low price, down another $10 to a price I was happy to pay.  It’s not that this is a bad piece at all – but it is not, IMO, worth the retail price of $95.

The Full Pic

The Positive: The sculpt is classic.  I am not sure how many times Bowen can sculpt Hulk and come out with something amazing – but I have a feeling this is not the last time we will see it!  The ripped shirt adds on a bit of substance to the top – which is WAY better than Red’s bust – but in comparison to the original Hulk bust – this one tops it.  While the original is still exciting because it is the piece that started it all, every piece since has been somewhat better – from intricate bases to larger pieces to adding arms and almost the full torso – the original piece looks archaic.  But it seems like, with this new release, we’re going backward – which brings us to:

Pssst... Hulk... behind you

The Negative: I think these were experiments – something Bowen was trying to see might catch on.  Consider this experiment failed because I don’t think these pieces have moved very well at all.  My LCS is still holding on to both pieces with no end in sight.  The problem?  Well, like I stated before, it’s not the sculpt.  The issue is the base.  The fact that it is at least 80% of the whole piece makes this look like a chess piece rather than a bust.  The more unfortunate thing is that the base is nothing to scream at.  It’s a very plain, very ordinary base.  But overall, the busts are somewhat unique – if not for the price – I think these would have sold very well!

What the heck are you looking at?

The Conclusion:  If you can get this bust for a really great price – then do it – I don’t see this piece ever really catching on but it’s a really great sculpt.  But whatever you do – DON’T pay retail on this – it’s just not worth the price.  Check ebay – some sellers are giving decent deals already.  Grade: C+

Yikes! Hulk - that's some serious plaque build up!

P.S. – As you noticed, I did not post yesterday – I was still mourning the Pats loss in the SB – and this may the only post this week – sorry – but I am getting a very big delivery for the Hulk room (not Hulk related) and yes, I will post pics when the dust settles.  If I can find time to post, I will, but if not – no fear – I will be back next week!

#605 in the house!

One more shot – a comparison!

It's bigger than the 2008 Hulk - that's for sure - but is it better?

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8 thoughts on “Retro Green Hulk Bust (2011)

  1. Hey Ratch- I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS PIECE!!!and you said exactly what I thought that it looks like a chess piece(so does RED-ROSS HULK) Bowen usually incorporates the base into something that reflects back to the personality of the bust-but not this time-just looks like a cheap easy way out.But the worst part of this bust is HULK’S underbite-his teeth are HUGE-they don’t fit in his mouth-I had this piece displayed for about a week then boxed it up-it annoyed me.Sorry about the PATs but being from NJ-you know who I was for- and speaking of the SB-what did you think about the AVENGERS commercial?-I thought that the HULK looked GREAT-the look was good,size looked right and the color green looked perfect – Bana’s HULK was to “neon-green” and Norton’s HULK was to “greyish-green” ,Ruffalo’s looks just right-I know I sound lie Goldie-Locks and the three bears,any way take care-Mike

  2. Gooooooooo Giants! Tom’s wife-they can’t catch and my husband can’t throw and catch…lol. Seriously I will not be picking this up, it’s too much money for such a piece. The Avengers Hulk was spot on for me and I can’t wait for May 4.

    1. Story blows ! Roll on Avengers vs xmen! It may be red hulk , but im psyched for red taking on the new avatar of cyttorak collossus 🙂

  3. Well Hulk is supposed to be in the event also. I knew Aaron would screw this up. I mean I stuck through Jones and Loebs run but this is just abysmal straight from the word go.

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