Gamma Smash Hulk (2012)


The Avengers toys are now hitting the shelves!  I was lucky enough to walk into my local TRU and pick up a few figures – all Hulk related.  The original figures I saw only had Iron Man and Cap – and those figures were all on vehicles – but the stand alone figures are now on the pegs and the first Hulk figure released is called the Gamma Smash Hulk!

BOP... Back of Package

The Positive: Well, one of the things I really like on this figure is that the neck joint allows you to actually swivel the head from side to side rather than only letting you turn the head to a degree that signifies puzzlement:



Did you hear that?

The sculpt is rather unique to the Avengers movie – which is nice to be able to recognize where your figure is from simply by a quick glance – but other than that we move onto:

Hulk needs to lay off the cookies!

The Negative: Let’s start with the tan pants.  Tan?  Really?  Would be so hard to throw some purple pants on this bad boy?  Or even blue?  I would settle for blue!  But that’s just me being nit-picky – let’s move onto a more substantial grievance.  The MU line seems to pride itself on giving the customers as much detail and articulation as possible while raping them on the cost – but the same can not be said about the Avengers line.  Avengers Hulk has 10 points of articulation to the MU Hulk’s 16.  That’s a whole lot LESS posing you can do with this figure.

Do you see Ruffalo's likeness?

The 3″ figures also cost MORE than the 2008 6″ figures did.  At least at TRU where they are retailed for $9.99.  Ten bucks for a small figure seems unreasonable – am I the only one who thinks these prices are getting outrageous?!?!  So – to recap in the slightest – We get less detail, less articulation, less figure (as in size) and we pay more… something is off here.

Hulk vs Hulk

The Conclusion: Sadly, this line is not getting high praise but, thankfully, if you are only looking to get the Hulk items it won’t be too hard as most of the figures seem to be dedicated to the Cap and Iron Man.  Grade: C- 

I wanna dance!


8 responses to “Gamma Smash Hulk (2012)

  1. yikes, it looks like the figure could have used a bit more detail in the sculpt. Oh well, I will get it anyways.

  2. Dave (JadeGiant)

    ugh … not a promising start to this line … hoping it gets better!

  3. This figure looks like it would’ve been kickass in the 80’s., like an updated Mego. Those pants really ruin it for me, I saw the 6 inch version and it doesn’t look to promising either.

  4. This fig lower half look’s strange (like a woman who has’nt work out in a while). Where are the big muscles and body size? The toy’s look is very weak. I just hope he does’nt look like this in the movie.

  5. The head sculpt when it’s turned to the side actually reminds me of the Bana Hulk toys.

  6. looks like a doughy pissed-off GRINCH

  7. from reading this i didnt think highly of the figure either then i saw the movie and was like i’ve got to get a hulk figure! i found this figure at target priced at $7.99 and i actually grew fond of the figure, even with its limited articulation i actually got to get this figure in some cool poses.

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