Aaron plots for the future with tired premise…

Looks... promising?

Stay Angry… sounds a lot like that movie Crank… let’s hope it’s better than that movie… and better than the garbage he’s writing now.  Click the image for more info.

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I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

12 thoughts on “Aaron plots for the future with tired premise…

  1. I guess we’ll see eh? This is not exciting to me in the least though.
    They just did this in Red Hulk too. “Stay Red or you’ll die”
    I guess the best part is that by issue #7, Hulk and Banner are together again. Or Banner’s dead, or something. Ugh.
    Peter David please and thank you.

  2. “Aaron says that when Hulk springs into his mind, the smart, merged Hulk from Peter David’s run — drawn by Gary Frank and Dale Keown — is the iconic one for him.” Seriously? At that point he was nothing more than green Superman in a leisure suit.

  3. Does anybody think that we need the classic Hulk smash back to cleanse our palette from all the crap that has come our way lately masquerading as the Hulk ? For the record I hated Pak’s wishing well story too. I really liked most of his run but it ended with a whimper. By the way who was it who said on this site that the classic Hulk hasn’t been seen since the Mantlo run ?

  4. The cover is sweet… but all the TIH covers have been sweet. And Crank is right. Per Marvel :

    “Marvel: “Imagine if you took the movie Crank, stuck The Hulk in it, and then every five minutes took out a segment.” –

  5. “will include appearances from Atlanteans, Kraven the Hunter and Wolverine” – oooh Im so excited…NOT!
    The book must be in trouble, they’re bringing in Wolverine to boost sales.
    I second the vote for Peter David.
    I also liked Jumpsuit/Superman Hulk…except I didnt like the jumpsuit, but hey that was the 90’s – at least he didnt have a big gun, pony tail and metal bands on his arms!

  6. @anthony155
    Thinking about your comment, you may have a point. Hulk Smash was never my favourite version (Gray’s the one I love) and I have never been keen on his return but I think if written well he could be just what we need. It would indeed as you so elegantly put it cleanse our palettes of this rubbish we have had to suffer recently.

  7. I’d love to see a classic savage Hulk come back (Hulk in a suit was terrible…not to mention him toting guns and bunny slippers). However, no one currently working is probably capable of scripting a good one. Len Wein, Bill Mantlo, Roger Stern…where are you?

  8. Hopefully he will use his rage to kill Red. I mean actually killing him! Why wont you do this Marvel? Bringing in Wolverine is lame. How many places can he or Spider-Man be at once?! I hope the Hulk takes on some real cosmic power houses again soon. – Logan

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