Hulk/Avengers Mini-Muggs

Hulk Mini Mugg

For some reason – maybe I just wasn’t paying attention – but I thought we were getting full sized Muggs again.  So I was a little disappointed when I saw what we were actually getting.  That being said – I had to change my perspective and review what we have rather than what I thought I was getting!  So:

Both Releases

The Positive: I know these muggs aren’t exactly known for their sculpts because they all come from the same mold (that’s part of their charm, IMO) so these little guys have to be based solely on their paint-ups.  One of the best things is to see that they didn’t double dip.  Each little fig has a new design!

Mini Mugg - smaller than a Mighty Mugg

For a second I thought that the Hulk that came in the Hulk/Abomination 2-pack  was the same as the Hulk that came in the Avengers 5-pack – but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is a new paint up as well.  They gave the new Hulk angry eyes rather than the wide open “What did I just eat?” eyes.

Similarly, the singular Hulk has sort of a classic, Kirby feel to it.  The troglodyte, inquisitive look on his face screams silver-age to me.  The olive color isn’t exactly my favorite – but it looks good on this little guy.

"Honey! The kids are acting up again!"

Abomination has a decent design as well – believe it or not they did paint on ears – he looks very Killer Croc-ish – but without adding to the sculpt there wasn’t much they could do to avoid that.  I am psyched about these 2-packs because it gives us an enemy for the Hulk – something the original Muggs never gave us.

Hulk has that sort of "I crapped my pants" look...

The Negative: It seems like I have been complaining over and over about the prices of things these days.. and… well, this won’t be any different.  While the singles are $6.99 the two packs are $15.99.  The math doesn’t add up there – if one is $7 shouldn’t 2 be $14?  I think the singles should be $4.99 IMO – but I can accept the $6.99 price but the two packs?  That’s harder to swallow.

Like his ears are pinned back against his head!

Nevermind the price for a second, I like these new additions to the Muggs collection – the smaller size makes them cuter – I just really wish they were able to add ears onto the Abomination rather than just painting them on.  Painting them on doesn’t really help distinguishing the Abom from some other monsters – and it gives me a strange unfortunate deju-vu feeling from the ear-less Abomination from the 2008 movie.

Conclusion: If you don’t mind being fleeced on the price – which obviously I did not – then these are definite pick ups!  Grade: B+

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9 thoughts on “Hulk/Avengers Mini-Muggs

  1. Do you have a direct pipeline from Hasbro? sheesh, I am still looking for the dang Constrictor and you have already found all the Avengers stuff!!

    That being said, I was thinking these were the bigger versions also. They do look pretty cool though.

  2. Hey Ratch-how are you did you notice that they never get the ABOMINATIONS’S toes right,the Marvel Select ABOMINATION had five toes on each foot-now this little guy has four on each foot you think that someone would pay attention to the little details-and I got the same info as joefixit2-that the TRU by me can’t put anything AVENGER related out till Feb.27????

    1. You know Mike, I didn’t even notice until you said something – how sad it that? But yeah – that’s odd for sure because my TRU had Avengers stuff out everywhere… of course – they are the only ones. Target and Walmart don’t have ANYTHING out – which is suspicious… I may have stumbled across a portal into the future where I can buy Hulk stuff and no one else can!

  3. yeah-guess some of us unlucky ones gotta wait another week and a half-were you able to get the new HULK FISTS??? and do you have any idea when the new Marvel Universe HULK figure is coming out-this figure looks GREAT!

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