Gamma Strike Hulk (2012)

Gamma Strike Hulk

Boy, my TRU is just filling up with Avengers stuff!  While I picked up the figure and Minni Muggs last week, I walked into my TRU today and they had this big guy!  Well, “big” may not be the right word.  He’s certainly bigger than the regular figures but it’s much smaller than the 12″ roto-cast toys we had in years past.  In fact – he’s the same size as the Wal-Mart exclusive 8″ that we had in 2008 – just with a lot less articulation and detail but WITH a voice box.

Hello Mar,,, I mean Hulk

The Positive: Well, like I stated – this guy comes with a voice box!  He says “Hulk smash… Hulk smash Thor! (Crash!)… Let’s go smash!…  Hulk ready for fight!”  Now – look where the quotation marks begin – and where they end.  That’s right – he says all those things – one after another – with one press of his poorly defined abs.  He also says “You want more?”, “Avengers Assemble!”, “Nothing can stop the Hulk!” When you squeeze his legs together he growls – then there is more smashing and car alarms (car alarms?!? Yes, car alarms) and after a moment he says “Let’s go smash!…  Hulk ready for fight!”  I do like the voice – it’s better than ony of the talk toys we got with the 2008 movie.

Is this supposed to be hair? Scars? Acne marks?

Also – the head sculpt is really nice looking.  The expression isn’t full of rage – but they didn’t make the mistake of sculpting him with an open “screaming” mouth.  I think the body could have been a little more defined – and the larger figure has ll these little lines scored all over the body.  I am not sure if that’s better or not – but it certainly isn’t a negative.

This or That

The Negative: I think the toys for this movie are more aimed toward children than they are collectors.  The best toy lines are the ones that toe that line perfectly – this toy line is leaning too much to one side.  These toys are less detailed, less articulated and over all less impressive than the lines of the past.

The body on the Hulk is a little soft – not ripped enough – and on some spots look downright flabby.  Hey – I get that this is a different Hulk – but why are we getting a Hulk who’s a little out of shape?  Not to mention – this figure – you can’t really pose him except standing there.  Both of the arms move together, you can’t twist him at the waist – you can’t even bend his knees!  The price, again, a little high, is $22.99 for an action-less action figure.  But hey – at least we’re not getting another “light up cross-eyed” version of the Hulk!

Come at me, bro!

The Conclusion: So far the best thing we’ve gotten from the Avengers line is the Mini Muggs.  If you are not a fanatic like me – don’t bother picking this guy up.  Grade: C


13 responses to “Gamma Strike Hulk (2012)

  1. It looks like the Hulk has stretch marks ! I guess going from a skinny scientist to a 1000 pound monster will do that to you.

  2. I was reading that when they were making the avengers they intended to have the hulk not as defined and smaller than the previous versions of the hulk. So he’s not as buff lol

  3. I think Kevin Feige mentioned this in an interview a while back. I’m not sure if it was his idea or Joss Whedon. The idea was that because he’d been the Hulk for awhile he won’t be as well defined or as cut. Not sure how that makes any sense ! Did he let himself go like Arnold ? I also remember reading that Whedon wasn’t really a fan of the Hulk. Maybe it was in Wizard.
    That got me a little worried when it came to his depiction in the Avengers.
    I’m waiting until I see the movie to pass judgment.

    • Hey Anthony155 I read that article years ago in the Wizard and your right Whedon does’nt like the Hulk. I just hope that it does’nt show in the Avengers movie.

      • I can understand the aging, just as long as they don’t make it TOO noticeable. I mean, I don’t know if Whedon knows this – but his healing gives him an extended lifespan, which occasionally borders on immortality. 😛 I like that he’s bulkier, but he still needs to be defined.

  4. @rachet
    “If you are not a fanatic like me….”
    Well that counts out just about everyone who doesnt have their own personal Hulk Room 🙂

  5. There isn’t much worse than a chubby looking Hulk.

  6. hey Ratch-just picked up this figure -giving it a grade of “C” was generous of you, the pitted skin is just stupid-and another thing that bugs me is the size of his feet-They’re TINY ,the HULK has huge feet this figure has baby feet…overall the whole sculpt is bad-really disappointed in all of the new HULK/AVENGER figures I expected better from Hasbro-any way thats my opinion -Take care-Mike

  7. Matthew Barnes

    I think it looks like the Hulk from the 70’s comics, which is fine. However look at the packaging , he’s way more ripped on the illustration than the figure. Kind of like going to a fast food restaurant and your food looks nothing like the photo.

  8. Hi have (or will soon be receiving) Black Widow and Hawkeye 75 figures to go with my movie (Iron Man 2) Iron Man, movie Cap and movie Thor. I’m not keen on the 75 movie Hulk – and also have seen some pretty negative reviews of him – so was questioning what figure people would suggest as a Hulk for my Avengers line-up. I am assuming the 6\ Walmart picture Hulk will be too large (and difficult to obtain here in britain) but was also wondering about the wave 18 75 MU hulk – he looks like a decent size.

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