Worth Sharing… a few hidden treasures!

The Original Ghost Rider vs The Incredible Hulk #18

With all the talk about Gary Friedrich lately I was a little buzzed to find the above little gem!  Yes, it’s something I have been looking for and was refusing to simply pick up off of ebay.  I wanted to find this issue in a long box somewhere – and this week I did!  Not to mention I found this gem:

The Punisher Kills the MU! First Print!

That’s right!  The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe!  Yes, both copies of the books are not in great condition – but who cares!  Score is a score I say!

Oh yeah – picked this up too…

2nd print to issue #3


7 responses to “Worth Sharing… a few hidden treasures!

  1. Did you buy the Hulk variant because the store ran out of toilet paper? You really are a dedicated Rachet, buying variant covers of a terrible book with terrible art. Next time you are tempted to give Marvel more money, consider that by buying this you are encouraging Marvel to keep churning out this rubbish. I urge you to vote with your wallet, save your $3, or buy your lovely daughter a treat, or put it in a charity box – Im sure the warm feeling you get from doing so would be better than the shame you should feel at lining Marvel’s coffers for producing this rubbish.
    Sorry, rant over, Im just really fed up with crappy Hulk books.That 20 minute read used to be one of the highlights of my month!

  2. Oh man! As much as a Hulk fan as I am, I gotta agree with Truka here. At this point, I’m buying these issues to avoid having holes in the collection, but I’ll sure a he11 not giving them 2x the money for the drivel they are prone to producing these days… It’s all written for 10 year olds!! That’s just me though… Keep at it ratch.

    • You both have a valid point… although it is hard for me not to get a variant as I am proud of my full run on the Hulk (every issue + variant + appearance) it’s VERY tough to not keep that going…

  3. Touche’

  4. Wow – every issue plus variants is impressive enough, but all appearances as well! Do you really mean every comic book Hulk has appeared in? If thats the case then thats really impressive and feel free to completely disregard my above comment. You wouldnt want a hole in your collection. Actually thinking about it you could probably protest and save yourself some money. If you held of buying them now Im sure, given that they are crap, that you could buy them for next to nothing on ebay in a year or so. That way you dont have any holes, you dont encourage Marvel to produce more crap, and you save some money!

  5. ratchet, I hope you didn’t pay good money for that Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe #1, because it’s NOT a first printing. From the logos and the UPC on the cover, it’s clearly the 2008 reprint edition. The original is from 1995 and was released under Marvel’s “Alterniverse” imprint. Its cover can be found here: http://marvel.wikia.com/Punisher_Kills_the_Marvel_Universe_Vol_1_1

    Sorry to disappoint!


    • Not a disappointment – I just found that out myself… and no – I didn’t pay much for it. Unless half a buck is considered a lot.

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