Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

New Hulk Squinkies (2011)

Smart Hulk Squinkie

There are a couple new Hulk Squinkies out – and amazingly I have yet to pay for one of these things!  They are somewhat adorable and squishy… what other reasons could you possible need to own them?

Superhero Squad Hulk

So yeah – there is a Merged Hulk and a Superhero Squad Hulk – the only thing is to get them you have to buy a whole set of Marvel Squinkies – which cost like, 10 bucks – and I don’t even know how many you get in the package.  But like I said – if people want to keep giving these to me I am VERY happy to take them!

The Whole Gang!

This had me laughing so freaking hard!

Click on the image and then read the comments below the pic – especially the 4th one by Jason – it’s still funny to me thinking about it.