Whedon.. on the Hulk

Please stop Whedon from talking!

The pic above has a link to a quick article about Whedon and Ruffalo’s talk about who the Hulk should be in the upcoming Avengers movie.  He said he wanted to style it after Bixby from the 70’s TV show (like Norton did) except that he thinks this is an original idea (but it’s not because Norton already said that’s what he did).  It’s a little bothersome that these movie directors don’t bother looking for inspiration from the Bruce Banner of the comics.  Whedon also said that Banner should be more interested in helping people – rather than looking for a cure – like the old TV show.  Did Whedon ever watch the TV show?  David Banner was all about trying to find a cure!  In fact – that was HOW he was trying to help people – by finding a cure to the monster HE created!  He’s wasn’t a one-man A-team!  He helped most people inadvertently!  He wasn’t looking to get into a brawl and Hulking out, teaching the bad guys a lesson!  That was the farthest thing from David Banner’s mind!  Man, Whedon, I love your Buffy stuff, but when you decide to wax poetic about the Hulk, you end up sounding stupid.


5 responses to “Whedon.. on the Hulk

  1. Yikes, add this to my frustration over Whedon getting writing credit when the script was already in development when he was tapped to be the director. It’s hard to figure out which is more annoying, the fact that Whedon is passing this off as a unique idea or that he misunderstands it.

    Also, what’s with ‘Two aborted Hulk film franchises have seen Edward Norton and Eric Bana play him once each.”??? They were MADE, not ABORTED, moron! Does the writer not understand the English language?

    And what could this possibly mean: “It was extremely fun. What we found was that he could be very bumbling and kind of awkward, but at the same time very graceful and in this almost transcendent control of himself.”

    Isn’t that Keaton’s approach to Bruce Wayne?

  2. First off, it’s pretty frustrating that he doesn’t even recognize that, that was Norton’s approach. Makes me question what kind of a grasp he has on the character.

    Second, I don’t understand why the TV series is so highly regarded in the Hulk mythos. Don’t get me wrong it’s cool, I own the collection but it’s not something I revisit. It’s not like a show like that could work today, It was fun in it’s time period.

    From what I’ve seen of Banner in the movie, it almost seems like he’s cocky about being the Hulk. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

  3. I can understand the writer saying an aborted franchise in reference to the first Hulk movie because Ang Lee’s interpretation was abandoned in The Incredible Hulk. Since The Incredible Hulk was referenced in Iron Man 2 I would say that franchise is continuing the The Avengers much the way the Alien and Predator franchises continued in AvP and an Incredible Hulk 2 might be on the way after The Avengers. Despite a change in actor and another re-interpretation of the character I would think the Avengers would reference the previous film in much the same way a comic book writer references a previous writer’s story arc even though he may take that character in a completely new direction.

    Why Whedon doesn’t acknowledge the fact that The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton was in part patterned after the TV show is beyond me. As for the TV show unfortunately that is how most of the world knows the Hulk. They don’t know or care about the Gray Hulk or any of the character development done over the last 40 years by writers like Peter David. That’s why for the most part the Hulk remains mute. A talking Hulk ? No way ! I remember after the first movie came out someone I talked to said that it wasn’t the Hulk. The Hulk can’t jump like that. Again referencing the TV show. My answer to that was, Oh yes he can and has been doing it since Incredible Hulk 3 in 1962.

    With the Hulk and no other comic character film makers keep trying to reinvent the wheel. In the Batman franchise it’s Dark Knight, Year One etc. With Spider-Man it’s Ditko or Ultimate Spider-Man. With X-Men it’s God Loves, Man Kills, Dark Phoenix etc. All based on comic books not other media. OK maybe X-Men does have a bit of that with the cartoons. I tried talking to younger fans about classic story lines and they keep talking about the cartoon adaptions as if they were totally new. But mention the Hulk and everybody talks about the TV show. The same person I mentioned earlier about the jumping bit didn’t like how the Hulk looked in the first movie because he didn’t look like Lou Ferrigno. This person wanted an actor in body paint. Fans complained about the look because it was a generic Hulk and wasn’t inspired by any particular incarnation or time period from the comic and was too Shrek-y looking. Something you would expect at the early development stages and not the finished product. Speaking of the comic book he’s a novel idea for film makers- How about going to the comic book for inspiration. Instead of day dreaming about what your Hulk would look like how about giving us a Buscema Hulk or a Trimpe Hulk or a Keown Hulk or a Kane Or Romita Hulk ?

    I did think The Incredible Hulk got the look of the Hulk right and it was a pretty good movie. I felt he looked a little like Sal Buscema’s Hulk during the end fight with the Abomination Too bad the final CGI couldn’t completely live up to the pre-production images but that’s nitpicking. I also think that Norton gave us a pretty good Banner. In the comics Banner has been wimpy, ballsy to now crazy so Norton and Letterier gave us a good amalgam of the character with a little bit of Bixby. I also liked elements of the first movie. They definitely got the power levels right. That’s no TV Hulk there ! But outside of that sequence from the escape from Desert Base to the F-18s that movie falls flat. OK i did like the fight with the Gamma dogs even if the Hulk was WAAAY too big by that point. Using them against an untried Hulk makes more sense than using them in the comic book against the Hulk who’s smashed the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. I’ve always joked that if you put the two movies together you get a perfect Hulk movie. The power levels from the first movie with the look of the Hulk and story from the second.

    Part of the reinterpretation of the character makes sense because no Hulk movie has really caught fire and the TV show remains an impediment in the minds of many. Despite that now is the time to be bold and give us the comic book Hulk. The Avengers movie won’t live and die, to the general movie audience anyway, so much on how the Hulk is presented but will probably be carried primarily by Robert Downey Jr. The Hulk will be special effects window dressing. While he does look good smashing Skrull(?) ships I think now would be the time for Marvel Studios to give us the most faithful rendition of the Hulk yet in a movie his character alone doesn’t have to carry. Give the general audience a year or so to mull it over and accept it before presenting him again in his next solo film.

  4. Everyone tried to be like Bixby, but what people don’t seem to realize is that comics Banner is everything Bixby was and more.

  5. Talking Hulk, Talking Hulk, Talking Hulk… Ahem, let the Hulk talk. Not realistic some say? He is a fricking *Green Goliath*, “realism” is beside the point!
    As for Whedon, well, praise seems to have gone to his head and he appears to view his thoughs as uncommonly perceptive and idiosyncratic. I don’t really get the lack of faith in the comic book Hulk and this from a professed comic book fan, and as for Banner seeming “cocky” about being the Hulk please God don’t let that be true, it’d be like Larry Talbot being glad of being the Wolf Man. Uhrm, at least Whedon isn’t J. J. Abrams!

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