Hulk Balls! (2012)

One Hulk Ball... so lonely...

I am not sure what to say other than I bought some Hulk balls!  These little balls are based on the bubble head toys we were given last year – except now?  They are squishy and you can throw them at people!


And why not?  Who wouldn’t like a few Hulk balls flying at their face?  I could easily put both Hulk balls in my mouth – they are that small!  It’s easy to carry the Hulk balls where ever you want to go – and let me tell you – nothing says cool like having a set of Hulk balls!

Separated at birth!

Is that enough double entendre?  No?  One more?  Okay… Now that I have a set of Hulk balls I want to go play with them!  There that should do it!

2 responses to “Hulk Balls! (2012)

  1. Be careful you dont scratch them!

    Worth the purchase just for the jokes. I predict more to follow!

  2. I was wondering if you meant all that innuendo… 😛

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