Hulk Magnet (2012)

Is the Hulk a master at the Lambada?

The new Marvel magnet releases are pretty ingenious.  They took great covers that displayed two characters and made each so that you HAVE to buy both!  Well, you don’t have to – but it would be silly not to!  As for the selection – they have one of the best covers around – Silver Surfer #4 featuring both the Surfer and Thor.

The new and old Hulk release

For the Hulk they paired him up with Wolverine and you can recreate the cover to #181.  Not the best cover – especially with the stance the Hulk is in – but undoubtedly one of the more famous covers.



5 responses to “Hulk Magnet (2012)

  1. Those are some pretty sweet magnets!
    …I wonder if there’s one for Magneto. 😛

    • Dave – normally I would delete this kind of comment – but I figure since you presented this in such a decent and polite way – I would let it stay. Hope you sell some magnets!

  2. do you sell on your website? I dont get the hope you sell some magnets part, if your trying to sell your magnets didnt mean too put the links up were they can buy them at amazion. I liked the magnets and thought I only heard about them so when I saw them here I was like wellll how about that.

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