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Mighty Battlers Hulk (2012)

Hulk looks like he's ready for a mighty... nap

So far we have been given a whole lot of “ehh” as Hulk figures keep hitting the shelves.  This will be the year that the Hulk may be known as “soft”.  He has got to start hitting the gym again!  He’s practically doughy!  Listen, somehow it actually does make a bit of sense that the Hulk may get less defined as time goes by.  I mean, that’s what happens!

The mouth does open - although he does not say anything...

Consider people who work with weights – they constantly have to change their routine so that their body does not get used to the workout – because sooner or later the workout becomes less and less effective.  Your body just becomes used to the constant strain and no longer responds to the weights.  So, like I said, I can see where Whedon might think that this makes sense.

But this is the friggin’ Hulk, man!  He never gets soft!  Beef him up Whedon!  Just because you’re a pasty puff-ball doesn’t mean everyone needs to be!

Size comparison with the ML Hulk

As far as this figure – it’s more of the same – less articulation, less defined – all together LESS impressive then the movie toys that came before.  Grade: C-