Mighty Battlers Hulk (2012)

Hulk looks like he's ready for a mighty... nap

So far we have been given a whole lot of “ehh” as Hulk figures keep hitting the shelves.  This will be the year that the Hulk may be known as “soft”.  He has got to start hitting the gym again!  He’s practically doughy!  Listen, somehow it actually does make a bit of sense that the Hulk may get less defined as time goes by.  I mean, that’s what happens!

The mouth does open - although he does not say anything...

Consider people who work with weights – they constantly have to change their routine so that their body does not get used to the workout – because sooner or later the workout becomes less and less effective.  Your body just becomes used to the constant strain and no longer responds to the weights.  So, like I said, I can see where Whedon might think that this makes sense.

But this is the friggin’ Hulk, man!  He never gets soft!  Beef him up Whedon!  Just because you’re a pasty puff-ball doesn’t mean everyone needs to be!

Size comparison with the ML Hulk

As far as this figure – it’s more of the same – less articulation, less defined – all together LESS impressive then the movie toys that came before.  Grade: C-


14 responses to “Mighty Battlers Hulk (2012)

  1. …The hulk has jowls. o.O

  2. I am not impressed by this Rufallo Hulk. Dumb pants. The Norton Hulk was way cooler….. Anyways the Avengers should kick X-Mens asses just coz of Thor, alone. I just hope Red dies….please!

  3. Hulk is’nt getting as much love as the other Avengers. Cap and Ironman have at least 5 figs in wave 1. Thor has 3 and Hulk has 1 and Hulk has NO comic series version. Hopefully, wave 2 will have more Hulk with an grey Ultimate version (like Thor)and 616 version.

    • So that too but couldn’t find any hulk figures. I saw everything else that Ratch posted on here though plus Hulk hands which seem to get smaller every time they come out with a set of these. Also came across the NEW Marvel Legends for 16 bucks a pop. No thanks Ill pass at the price point.

  4. Screenshots from the trailer.

  5. I have the new Hulk hands… I had the same thoughts – they are way too small! But yeah – I will post those on Monday

  6. ughhh … this is not an encouraging sign. Was there even an approval process on this figure? Who saw this and said “yep, that is a kick arse looking Hulk” … If I had not seen some previewed scenes from the movie I would be very scared of how the Ruffalo Hulk is going to look on screen. The face looks more like the Blob than the Hulk. My grade would be a D- (only because I have to buy one and I can’t buy something graded as an F).

  7. lol! Why does he have a metallic wash ? Do these hands make sounds Ratch? I didn’t see anything on the box whether or not it does.

  8. I hate Hasbro.
    I said it.
    I hate Hasbro almost as much as jealous husbands that come home from work early.
    And you guys are so right–damn this obsession. I can’t tell you how many times I’m standing in line thinking, “Why am I buying something that I hate?!” It’s a vicious cycle.
    A lot of faceless internet people complained how “ripped” the Ed Norton Hulk was, well…are you happy now? Now we have the Stay Puft Hulk Man. Ugh. He looked better in the trailers, at least. I’m hoping this is just another example of Hasbro’s astounding ineptness and not a true representation of what he will look like in The Avengers. Can you imagine if the Hoy Toys Hulk came out looking like this? I might have a conniption.

  9. The mouth articulation makes him look like Beaker from the Muppets. sad, just sad.

  10. Yeah, that mouth articulation makes him look like this:

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