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Not to Toot My Own Horn… But…

Thank you Mr. Thomas!

Yeah – a few weeks ago we discussed who the Original Defenders are – and here is a statement from Roy Thomas – you know – the guy who FIRST WROTE THE DEFENDERS IN MARVEL FEATURE #1!  Yeah – he proves that my initial declaration is correct… the original Defenders are Strange, Namor and the Hulk 🙂

Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Hulk Bean Basher (2012)

Hulk Bean Basher!

These little guys are making their way on to the shelves – they are small little bean bag characters – seriously now, way too cute to be left in the store!  They have a Spidey, IM and Hulk – I think I have seen Wolverine too…

Just Chillin'

Yes, I know I said I was going to post the new Hulk hands from the Avengers line – but I forgot to upload the pics and I am in the middle of watching the Oscars so I am not getting up to get the camera.  I will do it tomorrow – this time I swear it will be done!  Alright, let’s go The Descendants!