Gamma Green Smash Fists (2012)

The New Hulk Hands... sadly...

Yes, so far most of the Avengers Hulk items have been pretty disappointing – BUT – I figured that there was no way to screw up Hulk fists!  I mean, even the fists that came out in 2008 – although inferior to the 2003 fists – were still pretty good.  With 2012 you’d think that we’d get something amazing… instead we get no wrists, smaller hands and – adding insult to injury – they make no noise.

The look good... but are way too small... and way too quiet

You read that right – they make NO HULK NOISES!  Why?!?!?  What the hell is up with that?  That’s the best part of the original two Hulk fists releases!  You hit someone and they growled!  They smashed!  These do nothing of the sort.  Is Hasbro even trying here?  Comeon!  Well, at least we have the Lego set to look forward to!

Hulk Fist! And it's little brother?

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8 thoughts on “Gamma Green Smash Fists (2012)

  1. They’re terrible and they smell bad-everything that Hasbro has done relating to HULK for the AVENGERS Movie has just been awful! The only thing that wasn’t to bad were the MINI-MUGGS…I’m just so disappointed in this line and I remember a few months ago that I couldn’t wait to get all the “cool” looking HULK toys and figures-Thanks Hasbro…at least I can look forward to the MARVEL SELECT HULK that’s coming out and HOT TOY’S HULK!

  2. maybe these small fists are for small children? or for deaf children! lol I owned large ones from 2008 it is fun and soft I love to play with my friend Tom I alway punch him in face with it! it’s harmless…yeah today toys suck!

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