New Avengers Trailer

Yes, this was released yesterday – and it’s amazing!  I am sorry I didn’t post more about this and rather posted a funny pic instead.  But come on!  Hulk – looking at porn?  Green porn?  Genius!  Anyways, click on the image to see the trailer!


2 responses to “New Avengers Trailer

  1. The trailer was AMAZING!!!
    Moments that made me hold my bladder:
    * Seeing Cap, Iron Man, & Thor in that single frame; it was like looking at a single panel from a comic.
    * The shot looking up in the sky and seeing Cap coming right toward the camera, shield-first.
    * Tony strutting while he gets his armor taken off him, never missing a beat.
    * The look on both character’s faces when Banner presumably meets Cap for the first time.
    * “We’re not a team…we’re a time bomb.”
    * The canyon-like chase between skyscrapers with Iron Man.
    * Hulk catching Iron Man!!!!!!!!!!
    * The last scene.

  2. I was curious Ratch….what are your thoughts on the first 2 hulk films? And how do you Mark Ruffalo will do?

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