Ummm… Part 41

Can you believe it’s been over a year since I’ve added a post to this series?  Only for it to be… a sneak peek at the Hulk’s late night internet searching.  Gross.


4 responses to “Ummm… Part 41

  1. Bwa ha hah hah! Now there’s a funny a$$ picture!

  2. Seriously Ratch?

  3. Ratch the Avengers trailer 2 just came out and this is what you post? You should be given us the run down on what you think of that awesome trailer. Hulk catching Ironman in mid-air and Hulk chasing Blk widow…..intense no doubt. Not to mention Ironman kicking Thor threw a tree……just WOW!

  4. Come on guys! Where’s your sense of humor?

    I saw the new Avengers trailer – it looks great! Hulk catching IM – looked pretty amazing – and I thought BW and Hulk were both running away from something (the explosion behind them) All in all – the movie is looking better and better!

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