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Guardians of the Galaxy Boxed Set (2011)

Guardian of the Galaxy Set

“What is this doing in your Hulk collection?”, you may ask.  Well, as most of you, I am certain, already know – Rocket Racoon made a memorable appearance in TIH #271.  Rocket Racoon was a pretty amazing, if not completely out there, creation by Marvel Comics in the late 70s – and appeared again in the early 80s.

If you don’t have the issue – you should pick it up – or even better pick up this HC collection:

Get this collection! It's pretty bad ass!

One of the best things about this boxed set is that I am pretty sure we will never see another Rocket Racoon figure ever.  I mean EVER!  The good news is – he is pretty cheap on ebay if you want to get your hands on the little rodent.


But the boxed set itself is pretty amazing – I mean look at the whole she-bang!  You get a little Groot figure!  GROOT for crying out loud!


This set is still pretty abundant in the stores – unlike the Avengers set which is all but vanished off the shelves.  Although, you never know with Hasbro – they keep releasing the MU figures over and over.  The TRU just got a whole new set – but it was a mix of older figures, including the Hulk from phase 1!

Loving the figure selection that the MU is giving us!

That’s pretty much going to assure that these figures will never gain in value the way the ML figures did.  When phase 1 was sold out – they didn’t re-release them!  That’s not really how it’s supposed to work!