New Marvel Select Hulk Figure – Coming Soon!

I really like the Marvel Select line – sure, they are $20, but with most larger figures heading toward that price MS figures give you the most bang for your buck!  MS has announced a new Hulk figure for the Avengers movie!  Good news too!  It’s doesn’t look puffy!


10 responses to “New Marvel Select Hulk Figure – Coming Soon!

  1. Wow, wasn’t expecting that much articulation, lovin those hip joints. I’m not 100% sold on the face just yet, but who knows.

    …….And the pants aren’t tan!!

  2. Finally a nice Hulk figure from the Avengers movie !!!

  3. I wondeer how big is it? but the figurie look awesome!

  4. Best looking Hulk figure from the Avengers line, by far. But I’ve never once ever seen a figure improved by including that upper-torso cut joint. To me it visually mutilates a figure. Like, really? We need articulation *there*?

    • Probably because it’s not done by Hasbro, lol. I prefer a crunch to this mid torso cut, but then again with a figure with all that torso scuplting like the Hulk, it might look worse with a crunch breaking all that up.

  5. looks good but the right pant leg appears to have a huge gap in all the pictures i’ve seen

    • That’s because it’s a T-Joint, it allows the leg to swing out front or to the side. It’s used on pretty much all of the DC Universe Classics figures. Although it does have that gap when posed, i far prefer that to the limited mobility of the other Marvel Select Hulks and I prefer this to the ball hinge leg joints that become annoying to manipulate.

  6. I wonder if it will weigh 100 pounds like the other Marvel Select figure. Course at least if it does, at least I feel like I am getting something for the money I am paying for it.

  7. The figure actually looks pretty cool. I was wondering where you purchase your toys from? Every time I go to look for new toys, the department stores are all sold out. (walmart, toysrus, target) When and where its the best place to go?

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