Avengers Stuff! (2012)

Avengers Cup

The more Avengers merchandise that hits the shelves the more aparent it’s becoming that the Hulk is playing second fiddle to Iron Man, Cap and Thor.  I understand that the Hulk’s movies have not played out as well as the other heroes – but he got the short end of the stick in his forst outing!  The director made a sub-par movie adn the second movie suffered because of it!  Now we get a supporting role in the Avengers movie!  Ahh… I guess I shouldn’t complain.  At least they still have him IN it – right?

Anyways, my point is – most of the merch on the shelves are showcasing the Hulk-less Avnegers.  But these little gems I did find.

Avengers Stickers!


8 responses to “Avengers Stuff! (2012)

  1. You are right. Thor rules as a movie, tho. Looks like Hulk will kick ass in the Avengers. I am impressed now with Ruffalo as Banner.

  2. It’s true – but then again, it might be because in the comics the Avengers doesn’t always have the Hulk. The Big 3 are the ones who stick around and are ALWAYS on the team. :/ Let’s just hope that enough people like the Hulk in the film so that he gets a sequel.

    • Actually, the big three aren’t always on the team – and in fact there were stretches where NONE of those characters were on the team.

  3. Meh…there has been some merchandise that doesn’t have thor or captain on it as well. The only character on EVERYTHING is Iron man which makes sense from a sales perspective.

    • Really? Take a pic and show me some because I’m having a hard time believing you since I have neen none.

  4. The funny thing is that there are still Ironman2, Thor and Capt. America toys still in stores, so why not more Hulk toys in the Avengers line? I have a feeling that Hulk is gonna be an Avengers public favorite and maybe they will have more Hulk stuff down the road. If we’re lucky maybe even another Hulk (solo) movie.

  5. I found both Hulk movies underwhelming but I was looking forward to Bruce Banner and the Hulk being in the Avengers movie (but then me want Hulk to talk and smash puny Tin Man!) in fact I would like to see Hulk, Black Widow, and Iron Man in action (with Downey shutting his mouth) the most while Banner is the most interesting character. Unfortunately Ultimate Hawkeye is in it as well as what looks like too much Ultimitatization. Hey maybe there’ll be more Banner/Hulk he does get the more intriguing and exciting bits of the trailer. So, who knows?

  6. I don’t have any pics…..just remember seeing them on an anvengers message board.. they were t shirts by the way. And while hulk might not be on all the party favors he has severl different action figures and new versions of hulk hands out. I mean its not like he’s Hawkeye or black widow who have almost nothing.

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