Hulk is 50! And Marvel has ignored it…

It’s amazing to see the comic stands – at least a half a dozen comics have Red in them.  Marvel seems intent on replacing the Hulk – who has been the Hulk for the past 50 years and gained millions of fans – with the new Red clone.  I have no idea why – but it seems to be happening.  It’s sad really.  And now the Hulk has turned 50 – last week – and Marvel ignored it.  To see more go ahead and click on the link.


21 responses to “Hulk is 50! And Marvel has ignored it…

  1. What could the monthly Incredible Hulk comic actually DO to celebrate the anniversary? Have an artist jam (done that… kinda)? Separate Hulk and Banner (don’t ask)?

    Maybe deliver a halfway decent comic?? Parker’s Hulk has been hitting it outta the… uh… park… in his book. Despite the fact that it’s a Red Hulk instead of green, it’s really the superior series.

    Nevertheless. Marvel does need to get their act together here and give Hulk some respect.

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  3. Very cool you remembered! The Big 5-0 and no one takes notice. 😦

  4. I saw this over at the Daily P.O.P. Mr Ratchet and I agree with you that it’s a pity. As much as people may like Ross-Hulk and his stories he just ain’t THE Hulk, the Bruce Banner original he’s a copy unlike say the Wally West-Flash who was a successor character who became better than the Barry Allen version and he’s being over-used. The problem is that there is such a weight of stories behind the real Hulk and Marvel don’t seem to know what to do with him, and in my opinion the Aaron stuff is NOOOTTT (!) the answer.
    It seems a waste that Marvel didn’t think to build up to a big 50th Anniversary celebration then maybe go back-to-basics or do something inventive but Hulky. Something with the imagination of Peter David’s best Hulk stories. Although perhaps the problem is with need to go on endlessly. What do you think?

  5. I’ll be honest, I thought the hulk debuted in May of 1962, which was when I anticipated some sort of “50 year” celebration, had no idea it was actually march.

    • I thought it was in May, too! I like thought May was the month of the Hulk fans. Some big collector even confirmed it and told me that he came around in May. :/

      • Just looked it up again, everything says May!

      • May – apparently – is when the book should be taken off the shelves – but the book was first shipped and distributed by newstands and such on MARCH 1ST!

      • AGH! I was totally gonna take care of the Avengers premiere and the Hulk’s 50th anniversary all at once…

  6. I am now a Thor fan.


  8. Nice spotlight on Zapp Comics FB page ratch! So much Hulky goodness

  9. No one can replace the Hulk Ratchet. Red is a spawn from the Hulk universe and not the other way around. And to think the month of March 2012 would be different if the Red Hulk didn’t exist is just not looking at it squarely and looking for something to blame. Spider-Man thrives with a similair expansion of his universe. Marvel just hasn’t treated the Hulk property properly for a long time now… long before Red ever existed.

    • Sorry – but I disagree – if they had kept Red a villain then I might have warmed up to the character a little more – but they made him an Avenger, he has his own title, he is a guest star in Amazing Spider-man, Venom, that Avengers: X-Sanction title. If you don’t see that the Hulk is replaced by Red – than you’re just not looking.

      I never said that the 50th anniversary would be different – but now that you say that – it totally would. It’s obvious without Red that the Hulk world would be very different – and IMO way better.

      • Ugg… serious bro? lol… it’s no use. You and Loganblue should buy yourself a bunch of brews, a red hulk poster, and then hang it up and yell drunken obscenities at it all night in celebration of Hulk’s 50th Anniversary!! 😀

        Or… you can stop worrying about Red and start enjoying what the Hulk is doing. His TIH title, his new Avengers Assemble series, his Hulk Smash Avengers 1-4 limited, his upcoming THIRD theatrical appearance in the AVENGERS film, his live action television show in pre-production, his staring role in the Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes TV Series… and his upcoming HULK And the AGENTS OF S.M.A.S.H. series…

        Or keep what you’re doing of course… and give yourself an ulcer. A red one! 😉 I know you’ll chose the latter! 🙂

        L8r on bro! -AJ

      • And one more note. Just because Venom joined the Secret Avengers doesn’t mean if Venom didn’t exist.. Spider-Man would be a Secret Avenger right now. Same thing goes with the Red Hulk. You can’t assume Banner would have been plugged in all those spots bro. A lot of writers have been enjoying playing with Red’s military, white bread U.S.A. mentality.

      • I am not saying he would be – but currently Red is appearing in quite a few comics – where Hulk has his own un-readble title which is depressing to say the least.

      • I know. The covers have been beautiful.. but that’s about it. I’m hoping the new TIH arc will improve ten-fold (fingers crossed)

  10. Don’t worry, folks–just because Marvel forgot the Hulk turned 50 this year, that doesn’t mean someone else out there isn’t planning something suitably huge *cough* for the occasion.

    More info soon.


  11. My 50th anniversary tribute piece… here’s to the next 50 smashing years!



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