Zapp Comics Visits the Hulk Room!

My good friend Corry from Zapp Comics in Wayne, NJ came to visit.  He decided to snap a few pics of the updated set up in the Hulk room – it looks 1000% better than it did (if I do say so myself) – click on the pic above to be brought to the album.  Lex makes a few of the shots too – because she’s just too cute to keep out of the pics!

While you are there – “Like” the Zapp page – they are always updating with great comic news – and what they have in the store!  Great place to shop too!


3 responses to “Zapp Comics Visits the Hulk Room!

  1. Wow…thats a collection. Looks great. I take it this is the refurbished room with the ‘hole’ knocked through the wall?

    Whilst looking at the pics a few questions come to mind (which Im sure youve been asked before):
    1. What’s your favourite item?
    2. What’s your most valuable item? And if you dont mind saying, what’s it worth?
    3. (again if you dont mind saying) how much have you spent on your collection (not including room construction costs!)? Do you think the collection overall has increased in value?
    4. When did you get your first Hulk item and what was it? How long have you been seriously collecting Hulk stuff for?

    Cheers, Truka

    • My favorite – easy – my Incredible Hulk #1.
      Most valuable – Ummm… I am not sure exactly – I certainly have rare comics, statues and even action figures – but I don’t really look at my collection through monetary value so it’s hard to say. The Jerry Malcuso kit I have is worth a pretty penny – only about 30 of those floating around – all of my original art is one of a kind stuff – as well as the ’96 Hulk prototype for a Hulk toy that never came out. It’s really hard to say.
      How much have a spent? Goodness, I really don’t want to think about that! Let’s say at downpayemt for a house, easily! Some things have increased – while others are more common. I have scaled back my collecting in my later years to things I want to have and display – not just EVERYTHING Hulk!
      My first Hulk item, when I was 15, was TIH #343. I was hooked ever since. I collected every comic – and then moved onto memorabilia… and the rest was, as they say, history!

  2. Thanks for your reply Ratchet. For some reason I missed it! Saw your recent post about questions and remembered this one! Great idea about the video session by the way.

    You just beat me on first Hulk item – mine was issue #349 & FF#320. I found by chance a small comic shop on a trip to a mall in 1988 and Ive been hooked ever since. I was like a kid in a candy shop – we didnt have many comic shops in England in those days and this was the first one Id ever seen.

    You got a McFarlane Hulk as your first issue – lucky boy, but I got Joe Fixit who is still my favourite incarnation! I think you and I must be the only Geoff Purves fans – must be down to him being the artist when we started reading Hulk – rose tinted spectacles or something!

    Thinking about it – I must have had some Hulk stuff (pyjamas etc) as a kid in the 70’s and early 80’s as I was a big fan of the TV show…but I dont have them anymore so I guess that doesnt count!!!

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