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Really, Dude? Not cool…

Remember that horrible 13″ Hulk figure from the 2008 movie?  Well some shady ebar seller is trying to pawn it off as something rare and valuable… don’t believe the hype!  The balls on some of these sellers astounds me!

Here’s a fun game – before you click on the image – guess how much the seller is trying to sell this item for – post your guess in the comment section – THEN click on the pic and see how close you were.  No spoilers!

Mini-Mates Marvel vs Capcom – Hulk vs Mike Haggar (2011)

Hulk vs... some Capcom guy...

If this is a video game I am unsure of it – I stopped playing video games a long time ago.  Trust me, that’s not a knock or anything – I just don’t think I could find time to fit in video games.  I still have a Gamecube, if that means anything.  The last game I was enthralled with was Metroid Prime.

Bowl haircut anyone? Yes, please!

So, I have no knowledge of who Mike Haggar is – and if he fought the Hulk in any capacity.  I do know that the Mini-Mate is a re-paint of the WWH figure – just different coloring.  That’s not really a bad thing – but I would have been more excited to see an original head mold.  When are we going to get a House of M Hulk Mini-mate?  Still, it’s nice to see the Hulk’s not being ignored or replaced when it comes to action figures!

70's style porn 'stache? Ewww... no thanks