The Incredible Hulk #6 (2012) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #6

I am not sure if I can really do a review of this issue… I mean, we get more crappy art – more terrible story… the cover not only has NOTHING to do with the content inside and the Hulk isn’t even the same Hulk we get in the comics – but we are left with one of the most uninspired and repetitive “cliff hangers” ever.  Yeah – PD also left us with an issue where the Hulk was ground zero at a Gamma Bomb blast – but when he did it we were riveted.  Aaron does it and I am left thinking:

I am sorry – but I hope the next arc is at least readable – Grade:

18 responses to “The Incredible Hulk #6 (2012) – The Review

  1. It wasn’t THAT bad. Im just glad this arc is over.

  2. Its funny cause Jasons Punishermax comics were the best books of last year in my opinion. You would think putting him on my favorite character would be a match made in heaven…..guess not.

    • It’s like he’s never read a Hulk comic before – almost like he’s so unsure of how to write a Hulk comic he just decided to go for broke. The revolvong door of artists is only hurting him too… we need some stability here!

  3. Going to buy it (#6), but this is story line is as painful as waiting for the USPS to deliver an unviolated direct market subscription. Seriously! Its like there are people at the USPS who just love to “rape” subscription comics just like Aaron and Portacio are F’n the Incredible Hulk.

    It’s making me angry.

  4. I just finished reading Avengers Assemble#1 and I love it! I feel like I’m reading an old Hulk or Defenders comic. My only complaint is that Hulk should be a little smarter than presented, other than that the comic is great. It’s sad that I feel more of the real Hulk in AA#1 than in his own comic with Inc Hulk#6. That story has a strange Frankenstein/clone/madman story that’s just to way of base for me.

    • I have to read it still – it’s in a pile of about a dozen other issues – which is actually not as bad as you’d think – last week the pile was upwards of 50 comics!

      I’m still waiting for Mordrid to tell me what was good about this Hulk story…

  5. I totally agree this new story line is bad. Let’s get a writer to bring back the monster. Oh and bring back Pelletier.

  6. Just what wanted…..more hulks

  7. Yeah, even I, now, thinks Aaron is going nowhere with that storyline…Pretty sure the real Banner is still in Hulk’s mind and that Doom just suppressed him…Anyway, it looks like dumb Hulk is back after this for the next storyline and the new Avengers Assemble serie.All this cause of the Avengers movie…I am very frustrated with Marvel and the Hulk character ATM.
    And whilce Portacio : worst Hulk penciller of all time.

  8. Im was trying to think of a way to judge this book objectively…sometimes one’s judgement can be clouded if one is too deeply involved with a subject, and I wondered if my love of Hulk was maybe affecting my opinion. So I thought to myself “would I read this book if it was about another character rather than Hulk?”. My immediate answer to myself was a definite “No way”.
    So that leaves me with a sad dilema – Im only reading this because its Hulk, so should I stop reading it? Id like too but Im not sure I can bring myself to do it. Maybe Ill give up and just follow this blog until I hear some positive comments. There’s plenty of other good comics and books out there I could read instead…..

  9. Just noticed Shai’s comment about Whilce being the worst Hulk penciller of all time and thought there must be worse. Well I think he at least shares last place with Silvestri! Seriously though, I thought there must be someone worse (not including guest shots) but I honestly can think of anyone. Thats really sad. I remember reading Whilce’s X-Factor #64 and being blown away, his art was a breath of fresh air. What happened? How do you go from being one of the most exiting artists around to this rubbish. Has he lost his love of drawing comics and its just become a salary? Im sure he did have talent when he first started. Back then he would have top of my wish list for artists Id like to see draw the Hulk. Its a shame to see my old dreams mis-fulfilled in this way.

  10. The only good thing about Aaron’s disgraceful run is Ratchet’s reviews are getting funnier and funnier… albiet shorter. Pretty soon it will just be HULK #7 = SHIT followed by Jackie Chan on the toilet. 🙂

  11. I like this Hulk personality the best. All these hulks tho suck. Come up with some original or use different characters with different powers PLEASE!

  12. I was a fan at the beginning of this run but have rapidly reached the WTF moment. At the beginning, it seemed like the two beast men who ended up dying underground were the only two survivors of Banner’s experiments. Furthermore, there seemed to be no other living creatures left on the island to experiment on. Now we have all these Hulked-out animals and an entire tribe of Hulked-out natives. And is it just me or is Mr. Gor getting more handsome with each issue? I like Jason Aaron, I really do, but at this point, read Wolverine and the X-Men.

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