Marvel Announces NEW Red Hulk Storyline Coming Up…

Mayan Rule Cover...

Click the link – I’ll be honest – I have yet to read about it – kind of busy right now.  But just the pics alone look interesting.  Parker has been writing the hell out of this series so I am pretty sure whatever is being cooked up will be fun… anyways – like I said – busy now – so more posts later…

5 responses to “Marvel Announces NEW Red Hulk Storyline Coming Up…

  1. At least one book with the name Hulk in it is good right now….out of the 20 or so books I get a month I would rank red Hulk at number 2 and incredible at the bottom

  2. Best cover Ive seen on a Hulk or any other comic book for that matter. Innovative, quality art and a bold move to go all red. Top quality. Well done to all involved with its production. We need more covers of that quality.
    PS Puts to shame those recent Hulk covers where he doesnt even look the same as he does inside and some even bear little resemblance to the actual story either!

  3. Sorry, I meant best cover Ive seen for a long while, not ever! Although it would probably rank pretty high on my list. And thats from someone who is not a fan of the character or the book!

  4. RED Hulk SUCKS!

  5. hulkandthor#1!

    I agree with what ratchet said, red hulk was better as a villain. With abomination gone who can stand up to him, hulk villains anyway, not juggernaut, thor, silver surfer, etc. While to me he is still an interesting character ( hulk meets hellboy, maybe?) during his first run he was at his best. I have liked his stories, however, especially hulk #41! I see him has a character in the list of pretty cool marvel rip off characters. Venom (brock) to spiderman, vengeance to ghost rider, beta ray bill, thunderstrike to thor and so on. Oh yeah that cover is pretty cool!

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