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Custom Painted Red Hulk Bust (2012)

Red Hulk Bust

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this is a Red Hulk bust in my collection!  First off – it was super cheap – and secondly, I love this sculpt.  The fact that someone took the Grey Hulk version and painted it red was too cool to pass on.  Although – the green would have been my first choice to customize (no shirt) but, as any of you painters out there know, red is a really hard color to get to cling to anything.  If you are painting anything red be prepared to do about 6 or more coats – sometimes even WITH a well primed wall.

Your facing the wrong way Dummy...

Primer is usually a muted grey color – which is why it make sense to customize the grey Hulk bust – the issue comes when you have to decide what to do with the shirt.  The Red Hulk doesn’t wear a shirt… let alone a black one – but I guess the painter thought he would take the cue from the color of his pants.

That is That

Having the 3 busts all together does make it look really cool – but let’s get crazy thinking that this means I will be adding a whole bunch of Red Hulk crap to my Hulk room!  Listen, he would have been a great Hulk villain – had Marvel not screwed that up – and I do like the idea behind the character – but… let’s put it this way – you won’t be seeing any Sideshow Comiquette of the character in my collection.  Or any SS Hulk Comiquette for that matter… man, that is one ugly piece!

Red Light! Green Light!