Green and Grey Hulk Puzzle Erasers (2012)

Green Hulk Puzzle Eraser! Comes in 4 pieces!

I was NOT going to go through package after package of these puzzle erasers to get the Hulks.  I just wasn’t.  I mean, if they were just a dollar or if I wanted to collect a bunch of them – that’s one thing – but I just wanted the Hulks.  And not even all of them!  There’s a Red Hulk eraser too – but I don’t really care about getting that one.

Now, as you noticed I was on a small hiatus – that’s because I am feverishly trying to gather funds for the Boston Comic Con at the end of the month!  Trimpe will be back and I can’t wait!  Last year I had no real money to spend – and that’s okay – but this year I have a little put away – and it’s seems to get bigger and bigger everyday!  So I am hoping to have a blast!  Is anyone else going?

Grey Hulk Eraser - The Hair, the body, the pants and the feet are all different pieces.

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