Grab Zags Hulk (2012)

I was so upset to see that these little blind packages of Marvel figures came in… I HATE the blind package method!  But HA!  I had it beat – I stayed in TRU for at least 30 minutes feeling each package!  I figured out which ones contained the stupid light projectors – which ones had the pens – and which ones contained the figures!

I wanted the Hulk figure!  I can’t even tell you why exactly!  It’s not very cool – wait – reverse – it’s actually EXTREMELY COOL!  I love this little guy!  Now, my method did come with a small price.  I could tell which packages contained the figures – but I was not sure which figure was the Hulk.  So I took my best 5 guesses – and here is what I got:

The Whole Crew

One of my favorites is Cyclops!  His eye beam is down right adorable!  Let’s not over look the fact that I was able to obtain the BLACK SPIDERMAN!  The package said it was super rare – and I snatched one up!  I have no real reason to care about that – but I do!

What you can get...

Look!  #181 recreation!

Where is Wendigo?

Anyways, I landed a Hulk and a Wolverine – both of which are very cool!  I am glad I snagged these relatively easily!  I don’t think I could have handled another round of trying to figure out where the Hulk is!  These sort of remind me of the Superhero Squad figures – but with an Asian feel – making them somewhat cooler!

"I need to get new minions"

5 responses to “Grab Zags Hulk (2012)

  1. I like the black costume Spiderman. Glad there is no red/ major force copy.

  2. Where do you find those GrabZag toys at? I thought they’d be at walmart but I was wrong.

  3. What was your strategy for finding the Hulk figure. I tried to feel for it and came up with four possibles. Turns out afte I paid for them and opened them, they were the pens. I thought the bigger the package, the more likely it will be a figure. Good news is I got the Hulk pen but ended up with three wolverine pens.

    • The figures come in a few pieces – so when you feel the package you should feel a few different pieces inside.

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