Give me some QUESTIONS!

I am thinking of doing a video from my Hulk room – a fun new way to wrap up the week – and I was thinking I would answer some questions from some of you – if you have any questions you’ve always wondered – write them below – and I will try to answer all of them!


9 responses to “Give me some QUESTIONS!

  1. A video would be great! Here are some questions:
    When and why did you start collecting Hulk, and what was the first item you considered to be part of a collection?
    What are you favorite/ least favorite items in the collection?
    Which item is the rarest, and which the most common?
    Which item was hardest to get in terms of time taken and effort expended?
    What is the smallest/ largest item in the collection?
    Which item required traveling the furthest to get it?
    What do the family think about the collection?
    What is missing from the collection?
    If you had a million bucks to spend on the collection, what would you buy?

  2. What are your thoughts.on this Hulks personality. Banner and Hulk will be merged again, of course, yet, what you do to turn this character into one of the benchmarks of Marvel, again?

  3. You’re picked to come up with the story for the next Hulk film. Briefly describe it. 🙂

  4. Please no red or any other gammas, just a new type of villain with different powers PLEASE!!!!!

  5. I asked some Questions on the statue Forum board in a PM I sent you about the size of a couple of statues and you never replied back. I was forced to buy both and it’s all your fault 😉 🙂 🙂

  6. Do you own a anything that is exclusive to just your collection? A One of a Kind piece?

  7. Great idea about the video. Ill be sure to check it out. If it goes well, how about hosting the occasional video conference session? Dont know if its feasible, just a suggestion!

    In hindsight what do you think of both Hulk movies?
    What do you like about each one? What did they get wrong?
    Do you think the ’08 version would’ve been better with the deleted scenes? (I think William Hurt got jacked as most of his good character stuff was cut)

    Can’t wait for the vid. I’ve been thinking about doing Hulk vids for sometime, there isn’t enough on YouTube for real fans.

  9. hulkandthor#1!

    Hey ratchet have you been disappointed in the mistreatment of the Hulk in the avengers cartoon? His character and personality is awesome but he keeps being easily defeated. Kang knocks him out( bullcrap!) dr freakin doom defeats him ( much worse bullcrap!) Do you think these writers do actual research (hulk beats doom issue 144) or they do just whatever they want!? Sorry for killing the mood but the last episode of avengers was the last straw for me.

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