A Quick Video – and Keep Sending the Questions!

So I finished doing the first video – it took me some time to figure things out – and I am not entirely there yet – but I will be doing more – and have picked up some gems today to show off.  Click on the pic above to be brought to the video.


7 responses to “A Quick Video – and Keep Sending the Questions!

  1. Loved it!! I’ve seen pics of The Hulk Room, but seeing it on video (even a little glimpse) really gives it some depth! I love it!! And–yea! You answered my question! Woo hoo!! And that was very sweet what you said about Jenn!! You made my day! We’re actually getting married in two days!! I told her I would only marry her after I got to see video of your Hulk room–and here we are! 🙂

    • 5150-WOW you are actually getting married? I thought that was impossible so …..she must be 1) a hot babe and 2) a Hulk lover. Funny, I’m getting married myself to my long time partner and best friend ROSIE in May. She loves the Hulk and looks kinda like a MILF version of Kirsten Dunst at her best.
      Ratchet- I like the Vid, But I thought you would show more of your room. I don’t agree with a Mr.Fixit movie cuz they need to iron out the Hulk to begin with before we go Fixit for me. I can see Fixit in the TV series in time. I rather see Hulk vs the Leader in a Hulk movie.

    • Geez – I am glad I posted the video when I did then! 🙂 I hope you guys had an awesome day and a beautiful wedding – you are one lucky guy!

  2. Great to see you. Room looks kick ass. Fixit tho? Interesting. I wish Marvel would revamp like DC and have the Hulk as the only Gamma. (I did like it when Absorbing Man fought Fixit.)

  3. hulkandthor#1!

    Love the video, and the room! Wow! Next time i tell myself i’m hulk’s biggest fan i think i’ll reconsider! I agree with logan on the marvel revamp, STORIES. JUST. PLAIN. SUCK!!! If not a revamp how about a hulk series on it’s own continuity, Not alternate reality or anything like that just hulk stories on it’s own. Something like this hulk vs avengers mini. A writer comes in and write stories that take place between certain events. Plus the writer can be true to fans by writing the variety of hulks over the years. The original grey, the savage hulk, mindless hulk, professor hulk. An ongoing of original stories not bound to current events. Well, think that would be awesome?

  4. @rachet – great start, keep it up. you do need a Hulk inspired sign off though….a little catchphrase just to finish off. peace just doesnt do it – Smash would have been more appropriate! Maybe run a competition to come up with the best Hulk related greeting and sign off?
    @5150 congratulations on your marriage
    @ #465 “a MILF version of Kirsten Dunst at her best” – does she know you descibe her like that….bet youd get a slap if she found out!
    @hulkandthor – great idea about the arc style Hulk comic – Ive wanted that for ages. I think the arc format would be especially suited to Hulk (as you point out) due his different incarnations and would give the book a reason to exist, rather than just being a second Hulk book. Anyone have Hulkphone (its like a Batphone but green and bigger!) connection to the Marvel offices?
    PS a small point, but it really annoys me for some reason (a bit like Rachet’s hatred of Rulk) – my pet peeve is Professor Hulk. I loved that incarnation but cant stand that moniker. To me it just doesnt suit the character and was tacked on after with a retcon (which I also didnt like!). To me, he is the merged Hulk – savage green, Fixit and Banner, just as Peter David wrote it. Can we call him Merged Hulk, or something else, just not Professor Hulk. Sorry hulkandthor – its not a dig at you, just my pet peeve. Ill shut up now.

  5. hulkandthor#1!

    S’alright, honestly i forgot about the merged hulk title. Professor hulk was what popped in my mind when i was thinking about what to call him. Merged hulk is better because, well, banner’s not a professor!

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