Already a New Video… and posts to come…

Check out the new video showing off some things that I will be posting soon!  Also, I answer another question… I will be posting soon new stuff soon!

4 responses to “Already a New Video… and posts to come…

  1. Another cool VID. It’s very interesting to “hear” your point of veiw instead of reading it. By the way my first encounter with the Hulk was back in 1973’s Marvel Superheros featuring Hulk/Sub Mariner reprint and I’ve been hooked ever since. You know you should have a Hulk jacket (I picked up a cool one in Dec) or a hat while you do the video. I’m looking forward to more VIDs.

  2. great video, ratch. my question. your house is on fire. you have time to save exactly ONE thing from your hulk room. the rest will sadly perish. what’s your sofie’s choice of hulk loot and why did you select it out of all the others? (and your family is safely outside…vaguely disappointed that you are risking your life for a toy.)

  3. um sorry Ratchet but there is no Closed Caption and I am deaf so I had no idea what you are saying…I can’t mouthread at all.

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