Another Video is Up!

I am still testing things out – but this video has some answers and a totally different shot of the Hulk Room.

8 responses to “Another Video is Up!

  1. Hey Ratch thanks for answering my questions. I love the one of a kind art. The Iron Man reflection one is great!! Love those Birthday cards also.

    Hope you know I was kidding about the not getting back to me on the SF. I do love the Hard Hero Hulk. It is one of the best face sculpts out there. I love how angry and almost evil he looks. The MR hulk is also great. The Hulk Sculpt himself was really amazing IMO. I even like the more Franky look. I had to part ways with it though. With the comic backdrop it was just to big and looked off in my collection. I know I could have removed it but I really thought you needed the whole thing for it to look the best. I collect may other things so I just did not have the spot for him. But I do have the Bowen Maestro on the way as well as the Art Asylum version.

    I am now on the lookout for a Smackdown Hulk.

    Anyways thanks again for getting to my questions. Smash On!

  2. Once again, another cool and insightful vid. Oh and THANKS for the compilment on the B-card. By the way is your address same cuz I wanna send you a cool 5 page Hulk vs Superman drawing that I posted a while back on It’s NOT there anymore cuz I ‘ve been banned defending Hulk from T.H.O.R (They Hype Often Regularly) club, lol.

  3. I have ONE unique piece. A Hulk button I got off of Etsy. 😛

  4. Great videos the iron man hulk comission is awesome . My question would be if you could choose one defining hulk moment of strength what would you pick? Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. lovin the videos Ratchet. wasnt sure if they would be my thing, but they are much better than I thought they would be. you seem very at ease in front of the camera. still think you need a hulktastic greeting and sign off though!

    • Glad you are liking them! Yeah – I am at ease talking the Hulk – so it’s pretty easy. Do you have any suggestions for a Hulky sign off? I think “Hey, it’s Ratchet from the Hulk room” has become the opening…

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