Marvel Wibbly Buddies Hulk Figure (2012)

Dude, Hulk - that looks like it hurts!

I am having a seriously hard time figuring out what to say about this new Hulk item… my Mother surprised me with this and all I could do was stare at it and wonder “why?”  Of course it’s something Hulk so I am happy to get it into the collection – but what is going on with this thing?!?  Is this one of Hulk’s new powers?  Spiny Hulk?  Not to mention he lights up when you hit him hard enough… so yeah, there’s that too.

And he lights up... Ummm...


4 responses to “Marvel Wibbly Buddies Hulk Figure (2012)

  1. Hulk french tickler? WTF?

  2. I am almost saying you have gone over the top with this one, yet, you are the Hulk Collector.

  3. Can you post pic of that penney’s hulk figure? I can’t find an image of that anywhere!

  4. that is the weirdest Hulk item you have ever posted. well done your Mum!

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