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Hulk PVC Figure (2012)

Hulk PVC

This is something that I was surprised with by another collector friend of mine.  He called me up to let me know that he found this figure at JC Penny and he picked an extra up for me.  It’s a cool little PVC figure that costs only about $4.  It has a real Buscema feel to it – and in my opinion – not enough Hulk figures have that Buscema feel!

Found at JC Penny - go figure...

With the Avengers movie on the way – and I’m hoping it can beat some of the other franchises out there *coughTWILIGHTcough* – we are seeing more and more Marvel stuff out there.  A lot of it seems like older items that were just not released earlier and now, with the opportunity to cash in, a whole slew of product is flooding every store!

I wish I had another to take out of the package

It reminds me of 2003 – except instead of just the Hulk – we are seeing all of the Avengers.  Marshalls is supposed to have a roto-cast Hulk figure that was never released from 2008 – I have yet to find it – but I have my feelers out.  This brings me to a really great point for all of you Hulk fanatics out there.  It helps to have a really solid base of friends that keep an eye out for things for you.

Go out and get this one!